Events in Nashville

There are many events in Nashville that take place in and around the summer time. Those include, but are not limited to: the CMA Festival, Brew at the Zoo, and The Music City Hot Chicken Festival. Let us, at TakeHold Printing, help you create the perfect t-shirt to fit each unique event experience. Whether its creating a bright red tomato shirt for the Tomato Art Fest or a unique looking Shakespeare Shirt that will be sure to be the talk of the park, we want to help you with all your printing needs! Here are three tips we suggest for your Nashville event shirts!

1. Make it funky: The best part about Nashville events is that they are extremely eclectic. One weekend you might be celebrating the country music stars and the following weekend you could be dancing away with Shakespeare in the Park. Why not create a shirt that speaks volumes to the personality of Nashville’s events? Contact us today to let us help you with the creative elements of the shirt design.

2. Think ahead: If you are going to order shirts for an event then you should always plan ahead! Summer is our busiest time due to the influx of events in the Nashville, Hendersonville, and surroundings areas: therefore, let us know ahead of time what you are needing! Planning ahead gives our customers time to think about their shirt design, pinpoint the exact colors they want, and to create the best product possible.

3. Help us to help you: We want to simplify this process as best as we can. Therefore, we suggest, to all our clients, to follow this simple process: pick your shirt color, pick the ink that you believe will compliment the shirts and artwork, email us your design and let us do the rest! No need to worry, this is what we love doing! We want to alleviate any and all stress or anxiety that you may feel about the process and enjoy letting us do all the work!

Regardless of whether or not you plan on making a shirt for an event in Nashville this summer of its something completely unrelated, our number goal is to take the stress of ordering shirts off you! We enjoy helping our clients create a lasting and memorable shirt! If you are interested in placing an order before attending an event in Nashville, please give us a call at 615.943.1402 or email us at


Color Confusion

We recently printed some t-shirts that looked phenomenal; however, there was a bit of color confusion when the customers picked up the shirts. The shirt order was a upper level pink shirt with pink and black writing on the front and back. Easy enough on our part; we sent the mock-up and the customer approved. However, when the customer came to pick up the shirts, the pink ink that was used on the shirt was not the pink that he had envisioned in his mind. How do we rectify this color confusion and alleviate the problem with color matching? Here are a few ways that we can help you out with color matching:

We suggests that our customers come in and look through our standard color guide that we use. This is a sheet that allows you to see, first hand, what the ink color will look like. For example, you might think you want magenta on a pink shirt; however, upon reviewing our standard color guide you may notice that magenta is actually too red and not enough pink. Then what should you do? We suggest that our clients pick another ink color that we have. We can also mix colors together to create the perfect shade that you need.

Another option that we suggest for our customers is providing us with a pantone color number. We also recommend that customers use our pantone matching color system (PMS) and then give us the number so that the ink is perfect and meets your expectations. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied so it is important that keep an honest dialog with our clients and our clients tell us exactly what they have in mind. We ask our customers to communicate every need and detail that they might have!

Our desire is to alleviate any color confusion that might incur during the printing process, because we want to make sure that the customer is ultimately satisfied with the ink color. If you have any questions regarding ink color or our pantone matching color system (PMS), please do not hesitate to contact us at 615.943.1402 or email us at

Design Your Custom T-Shirt Now!

TakeHold Printing wants to help you design your custom t-shirt now! We are a local screen printer located right outside of Nashville who specializes in custom t-shirt designs and design ideas. We recently just launched our design lab and want you to know some key features that will help with your future purchase.

One new feature the design lab offers is the ability to upload artwork directly to the shirt. From here you can pick color options, such as taking out or adding color, zooming to view direct placement of image, and front and back images of shirt. This will help minimize error and allow you to see the image before it is printed.

The second feature that we want you to know about is the creative aspect of our lab. Are you fresh out of ideas and need that spark? We have built in ideas to help you narrow down what you want to print on the shirts. Maybe you need something campus or college related but don’t have time to sit down and create an image. Perfect! Let our designs lab do all the work for you by implementing our generated clip art onto the shirt. It is easy, efficient, and stress free!

Lastly, the third feature that we want you to be aware of is actually not a feature at all but we are available for artwork help when you need us. We try to work alongside our customers telling them exactly what they need for artwork and helping them with any technical that may arise. For printing purposes we ask that we receive an .ai file or at least 300-350 dpi high resolution image. This will ensure that the when the artwork is printed there is minimal issues with the image becoming distorted or pixelated.

We hope that you will take advantage of our new design studio. We also hope that by adding this element to our website that it will help our customers with their custom t-shirts and printing needs. If you need more information regarding artwork or need pricing information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 615.943.1402 or email us directly at