From country music to hometown cuisine, Nashville is known for many things. Running a business in a bustling city means finding a way to stand out from the competition. Discover how to use cheap custom tees to create an iconic brand in Music City.

Start With a Logo

Every unforgettable company has a simple yet distinctive logo. Consider symbols such as the golden arches and the swoop. You instantly think of a brand name when you hear about these symbols or see them. Have a pro design the logo so it’s different from any other companies in your Nashville neighborhood. It doesn’t have to be complex – and, in fact, it shouldn’t be – and it should fit on all your marketing materials.

Define Your Target Market and Message

Next, define your target market. Who are you selling to now, and what markets do you want to reach? How do they think and what to they want? Once you answer these questions, you can develop a message that resonates with your chosen market. Get to know their language, concerns, and emotions to craft a statement they’ve been waiting to hear. 

Add a Memorable Slogan

Once you know your target market and basic message, it’s time to summarize it into a memorable slogan. Usually, a slogan is just a few words. Make sure each word matters and carries the power it takes to start branding your Nashville enterprise. Add the logo and slogan you create to your cheap custom tees. 

Consider Colors and Design 

Cheap custom tees should be of enough quality and appeal to get people to wear them. Choose the color and design carefully. The color should match all your other marketing materials. And the design should be wearable by the people in your target market. For example, a tighter tee may appeal to younger customers while an oversize one is ideal for older people.

Show Your Unique Side

Each business has its own unique voice. Over time, people instantly recognize the tone as well as the logo and slogan. Decide whether your company is humorous, serious, educational, exciting – define its mood and let it show in everything you say and do. Ultimately, these feeling become part of your business brand.

Be a Mentor

There was a time when advertising focused on people’s inadequacies, such as bad breath, and made them feel bad about them. Now marketing celebrates the hero in every person. It acts as a mentor who can help people achieve their goals, whether they are large or small. Make sure your branding efforts have a helpful and positive perspective. 

Get Everyone to Wear Them  

Once your cheap custom tees are ready, it’s time to get everyone in the Nashville area to wear them. Each t-shirt is a walking advertisement for your company. Give them out to loyal customers. Hand the out at local fairs and community events. Use them as rewards for purchases or other activities. Make sure your workers, friends, and family wear the tees as often as possible.

Reinforce the Marketing Message

Finally, reinforce the marketing message on your cheap custom tees. Add it to your other advertising media including business cards, local ads in periodicals, signage, and more. Every time people see the same images, colors, and words, it helps to brand your Nashville business. 

Do you need help with designing cheap custom tees and developing an iconic brand message? Let our team of pros help you create tees everyone wants to wear. 

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Custom t-shirts are the ideal way to promote a business, support a cause, or make an important statement. Every aspect of the t-shirt makes it appealing and wearable to others. For example, you need to select a t-shirt brand for your Nashville custom printed tee. A top notch t-shirt printing company will have a variety of brands to choose from to ensure your total satisfaction. Learn how to select the ideal brand for your budget to create a memorable t-shirt people love to wear. 

American Apparel – Fashion at a Premium

Are you looking for a t-shirt made in the USA to support your all-American ideas? Look no further than American Apparel, a great brand if you want an adult style tee with a tight fit. Often these tees are known as fashion-forward, for discerning wearers who want to look their best. Fashion does come at a premium as these t-shirts have a higher price tag.

Anvil – Going Green

Everyone is going green and trying to protect our natural resources for future generations. If you are promoting a green cause, choose an environmentally conscious company such as Anvil. This company is one of the largest organic producers. As a result, you can order your Nashville custom printed tee in both youth and adult sizes. 

Augusta – For Team Players

Team t-shirts should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Cost should never hold a team member back from having the right Nashville custom printed tee. Augusta is renowned for quality sportswear at budget-conscious prices. As a result, this is a great brand for anyone who is creating athletic garments and official team uniforms.

Bella – Beauty for Women and Men

Bella, as the name implies, is a beautiful choice for Nashville custom printed tees that support causes for women. This fashionable apparel is made for women, so they look fabulous and ladies can’t wait to wear these attractive tees. However, men can also be included as supporters of these causes as Bella makes apparel for guys, too.

Canvas – Soft Cotton

Bella also makes Canvas, which is a male fashion brand. However, this brand also creates tees for women. The quality that sets Canvas apart from any other brand is the use of extra soft ring spun cotton. These comfortable t-shirts are wearable and wonderful for everyone.

Champion – Recognizable Appeal

People around the world recognize Champion as a leader in sportswear and apparel. Quality and recognition make this t-shirt brand an international favorite. And they have apparel in a range of sizes for both women and men. Buyers who want the best without breaking the bank are sure to choose Champion brand tees. 

Gildan – Better on a Budget 

Are you looking for an affordable t-shirt brand you can depend on for great Nashville custom printed tees? Look no further than Gildan. In fact, most people probably have several Gildan tees in their wardrobe. The brand makes tees for women, men, and youth. 

Hanes – An American Icon

Everyone knows the Hanes name, which has become an American icon in t-shirts and undergarments. And Hanes is recognized for its tagless t-shirts that eliminate the discomfort of scratchy tags on your neck or side. While it is not the most popular brand for screen printing, it is a long-lasting and comfortable tee to consider. 

Jerzees – Quality on a Budget 

Are you on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise the quality of your Nashville custom printed tee? Jerzees make low-cost t-shirts that are good for active wear. This sports t-shirt is the right choice for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Next Level – Top Quality for Less

Next Level is a viable choice for people on a budget. It does not cost much more than Gildan, yet you are getting a top quality tee. As compared to other brands, Next Level stands up to its name. Plus, they are ideal for custom printing and are quite wearable.

Let our team of experts help you choose the perfect brand for your Nashville custom tee. We will guide you through the process, from the t-shirt brand to the custom printed design.

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A family reunion is the ultimate opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. People come from around the country and the globe to spend time with their kin. And these reunions often happens only a couple of times in a lifetime. Celebrate the occasion by creating fun t-shirts for everyone to wear. And it’s an easy way to find and recognize each other after the years go by! Consider some top slogans for your Nashville family reunion t-shirts

Proud to Be Part of the “Blank” Family

Sometimes the most compelling slogans are the simplest ones. Be proud of your surname and the other people who carry it in their lives. Create a t-shirt that expresses your pride in your name, heritage, and all your loves ones who also use that name. And people with the same last name are sure to start a conversation when they see your shirt. You might even find a long lost relative!

Getting Back to Our Roots

Family is part of our roots and history. There are indisputable similarities that occur as the generations continue. Being together reminds people of how much they look alike and have the same habits. When you delve back into time and family, show it on the family reunion t-shirts. Add the slogan, “Getting Back to Our Roots,” after the family name and before the date of the reunion.

I’m With “Blank”

Do you want to be short and sweet for the next family gathering? Over the years, people have worn a variety of whimsical, “I’m With” tees. A family reunion is the ideal opportunity to slide into a shirt that states you’re with others with the same surname. Plus, it’s another perfect way to ensure people find the reunion at large venues such as public parks or beaches.

Going to the “Blank” Family Reunion for “X” Years

Some family members are older than others. And they might be old enough to inspire awe and admiration in the younger generations. Or you could forget the age of everyone in the family after years of being apart. Show off your age with a t-shirt that states how much years you’ve been going to the reunion – which would be the same as your actual age. 

Here Comes the “Blank” Family

Nothing feels better than knowing you are part of the same family. It’s a bond like no other when relatives get together. And strangers often notice the togetherness when you are all in the same place or room. Show it off with family reunion t-shirts that state you are coming from one surname. When you walk or dance at the same time, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Heritage and Fun in the Sun

Many families decide to search for their genealogy and get the facts about where they come from. One of the best ways to share this information is at a family picnic. It is an affordable and enjoyable way to reconnect and learn. Create family reunion t-shirts that state the facts – it’s all about heritage and having fun in the sun. Good times, photos, and a history reports for everyone is a wonderful way to show how much you love being part of a family.

Planning a family reunion means paying attention to detail to ensure everyone is happy. Create joy and memorialize memories with a family reunion t-shirts that include a fantastic slogan. Add a cartoon or image that personifies your tribe. And work with a team of pros who can help you design a t-shirt everyone wants to wear for years to come.

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