We are continuing to discuss how to create your own t-shirt brand, and now it’s time to get into the more minor details. After you have created your brand, figured out your target audience, and created a logo for your brand, you are ready for the next steps.
One huge step in branding is figuring out what kind of apparel you want to use. Are you looking to buy the most affordable t-shirt that you can buy, or are you looking for something that is premium and more costly? Do you want a soft shirt, regular blend, or do you want a heavy blend? Are you wanting to do a unisex tee, or are you targeting a specific audience of children or women? Once you have figured out the brand of the shirt that you want and the style, you are almost done with the creating process.
After picking out what style and brand you want, then you can figure out how you want your artwork designed on the shirt. Do you want a simple, clean shirt, or do you want a bright, loud shirt? Do you want to add your own tags and labels, or do you want to keep all of the originals?
Starting your own t-shirt brand can be overwhelming for some people, but with the right guidance and vision, you are guaranteed to succeed. If you have questions about starting your own apparel brand, give us a call today. Here is our contact information below.

Have you ever thought about starting your own brand and selling t-shirts? If so, you are not alone in that. Here at TakeHold Printing, we have so many customers who create a brand, target an audience, and sell their customized t-shirts.

So often, customers wonder how to start their own t-shirt brand and where to even begin. Here are a few tips for anyone who is interested in starting their own t-shirt business.

First off, you need to figure out your brand and what your brand stands for. Is your brand an outdoorsy, creative brand, or is your brand targeting stay at home moms. These are things that you need to establish so you know what your brand stands for and who you are targeting. 

Once you have figured out your brand, what it stands for, and who you are targeting, you need to get your logo in place. The logo is what promotes your business on the t-shirts. Logos can be super simple or super complex, but either way that is a key first step in creating your own t-shirt business. 

It can be exciting to create something new and start a business. We would love to help you start your own brand and get some customized t-shirts made for you. Visit our website for art help and pricing today at 


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