Custom tees are a favorite giveaway at retail stores, restaurants, and theme parks. People often pay for well-designed shirts commemorating a vacation or unique experience. However, sometimes these t-shirts don’t fit properly (especially when they are a souvenir from someone else), but you still like what the shirt says. Or the shirt could become a wardrobe favorite and start to get worn out. Consider some fresh ways to use a Nashville promotional t-shirt besides wearing it.

Unique Wall Art

Nothing creates a better memory that wall art representing your favorite band or eatery. In fact, some people never wear these tees at all. They instantly decide they would instead create a wall hanging to display in a bedroom, living room, or den. A t-shirt can be wrapped around a piece of solid cardboard then placed into a frame with glass to protect it. Another option is to attach the shirt to a piece of canvas. Either way, it’s sure to become a focal point in your house.

A Comfortable Pillow

Another way to incorporate a favorite promo t-shirt into your home décor is to turn it into a comfy pillow. Polyester filling is available at any local craft store for just a few dollars. Sometimes it is also sold at discount and dollar stores. Stuff the shirt with filling then sew the seams together. The shirt might need to be cut or modified to create an eye-catching pillow. While you can rest your head on it after a long day, you’ll probably want to make it a decorative part of your sofa or bed.

Create a Quilt

Quilting is a favorite hobby in Tennessee. For generations, people created quilts to reflect their families and lives. Imagine saving your favorite tees and turning them into a quilt. Collect promotional t-shirts from bars, musicians, local organizations, and more. All of them should have a significance in your life. Then sew them together to create a quilt that showcases all the places you’ve visited and the things you like most. Try to put together the colors in an appealing way. If you can, gather t-shirts in a rainbow of colors from various places. A colorful quilt with plenty to stay is another fun addition to your house.


Some people use placemats to keep the table clean. Others put them on the table to make it look attractive. You can use a promotional t-shirt either way. Cut out a rectangular piece that includes the slogan or image on the t-shirt. Hem the edges to avoid shredding on the table. Put one out at each seat and remove them if you don’t want them to get soiled. But remember, even if there’s a spill, t-shirt placemats are washable! And consider another table-friendly idea. Turn old tees into napkins. Just cut them into squares and sew around the edges. 

Tote Bags

Everyone needs more tote bags, especially now that the country has become increasingly conscious of protecting the environment. Use custom tees to create tote bags to use for schoolbooks, shopping, and a day at the park or pool. If you want to be fashion-forward, transform an old tee into a fun-loving and functional handbag. Who says everyone can’t become a designer?!

Do you want to create a Nashville promotional t-shirt to showcase your business, organization or project? We can help you design a t-shirt that is worthy of wearing or turning into an item people can’t wait to use and display. Best of all, this becomes an ongoing billboard to advertise your company. Every person who sees it become a potential customer.

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Whether a Nashville author pens poetry, interviews local celebrities or writes a book, nobody knows about it unless they promote themselves. Many of the top authors have agents who publicize their works. But what about new authors or ones who do not have an agent? These writers must find innovative ways to get attention and encourage people to read their works. Discover some top ways Nashville authors use cheap custom tees to attract an audience.

Attend Open Mic Nights

Authors often attend open mic nights at local Nashville businesses, including community centers and restaurants. Open mic nights give amateur artists an opportunity to showcase their work, including poets, songwriters, and musicians. While the artists do not get paid, they have an open forum where people get to know what they do. At these events, authors can read a poem, a few paragraphs from a story, or sing a song. Some artists regularly attend open mic nights and start to develop a following of dedicated fans. As more people get to know an artist, cheap custom tees are an excellent way to promote your name and work.

Perform at Local Restaurants

Local restaurants and bars also have speakers, readers, and musicians that share their work to entertain their patrons. And sometimes they permit a local literary group to meet at their eatery. These situations are great chances for an author to bring books for sale as well as cheap custom tees. Consider offering a t-shirt with the purchase of a book or other written work. Offer to perform for free at the venue to broaden your exposure. Always bring your custom tees to give to people who like what they see and hear.

Schedule Book Signings

Another way authors promote themselves is by schedule book signings. These are held at bookstores, malls, coffee houses, or other places where local art enthusiasts gather to chat and share. New authors can have a raffle and gift away t-shirts to the winners. More established writers can sell custom tees that highlight their latest book or a slogan readers associate with the work. Every time people wear these t-shirts, they are promoting your writing.

Host A Local Library Program

Poets, writers, and literary buffs often host educational programs at their local libraries. Ask the library if they are willing to have you teach a short class. Another option is to join the Friends of the Library or the monthly book club. All of these are opportunities to share your talents with others. And when they express interest in your work or purchase a book, include a cheap custom tee to express your thanks for their support. 

Schedule a Public Interview 

Public television networks, public access TV stations, radio shows, and Internet podcasts often interview local authors. Reach out to see if they are interested in showcasing your work and conducting an interview about your latest publication. Encourage them to host a giveaway that includes your recent book with a custom t-shirt showcasing your name and writing. Another option is to schedule an interview with a local publication. Ask them to publish a giveaway to encourage people to get to know your work better. 

Our team can help you design cheap custom tees that highlight your name, work, and help to attract a wider audience. Use your creative skills to develop a catchy slogan that makes people want to find out more. We’ll feature it on one of our quality tees to get people to notice what you have to say!

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and along with any holiday comes opportunities to promote your Nashville business. Everyone wants to honor mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, and other extraordinary women who nurtured them. Discover some beautiful ways to support Mother’s Day, and your Nashville business, with custom designed t-shirts.

Eateries and Mother’s Day Brunch

For generations, Mother’s Day brunch has been a favorite tradition. From Nashville diners and luncheons to excellent dining restaurants, all types of brunch menus are served to place any mom’s palate. Create custom designed t-shirts commemorating the Mother’s Day brunch. Distribute them as complimentary gifts to all the mothers who enjoy brunch at the eatery. Or offer them for sale to family members, encouraging them to memorialize the day by giving mom a fabulous tee. And every time the mothers wear these shirts, they become a walking advertisement for your restaurant.

Shopping At Fun Boutiques

Another favorite pastime mothers enjoy on their special day is shopping. Create a campaign that encourages mothers to shop at your Nashville boutique or retail store. Offer discounts on specific favorite merchandise. Give away Mother’s Day custom designed t-shirts with a purchase of a designated dollar amount or more. Every mother, or family that buys a specific amount of merchandise at the store will get a t-shirt. And this promotion means the mothers and the store both win!

A Day at the Park

Mother’s Day is the time when sunny days are here to stay. Everyone loves to get outside to appreciate the fresh air and sunshine. Parks often hold events on Mother’s Day, such as antique shows and craft fairs. Savvy vendors can sell custom designed t-shirts for Mother’s Day. Include fun slogans such as “Best Mom,” “Crafty Mom,” and “Mom Loves Antiquing.” The catchier the slogan, the more likely mothers will ask their family to buy the tee.

Online Businesses

Many people are choosing to shop for Mother’s Day gifts online, such as busy fathers and college students. Create a Mother’s Day t-shirt that tops off any other. Use your business, its unique mission or personality, and a particular statement to mothers that encourage people to want the tee. Consider purchasing them in bulk, so they are affordable – then pass this savings to your customers. Affordable and adorable is always a winning combination. 

School Fundraisers

Often elementary and middle schools have flower sales for Mother’s Day so kids can get an affordable present for their moms. Consider adding custom designed t-shirts to your annual offerings list. The t-shirts can specify the school’s name and even have a sponsor on the back. For example, moms are sure to want a shirt that says, “Proud Mom of a (Name of School) Student.” And these tees make a perfect give for kids to give their mothers. And custom tees are a fantastic way to promote any fundraiser and let mothers know they are remembered. 

Let our team of professionals help you design the coolest t-shirts to help your Nashville business celebrate Mother’s Day. The rights colors, design, and the slogan is sure to get attention, make moms happy, and promote your company.  Our expects help all kinds of business in Nashville create amazing t-shirts for any occasion or event.

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