With the gift giving season coming up, what a fun idea to give each person on your gift a creative T-shirt. The team at TakeHold Printing is available to turn your design into a custom screen printed tee. With so many design ideas, you are sure to come with something all your friends and family will love!

Be Imaginative

One of the first things you need to do is come up with your gift giving list. Have an idea of each person you will be giving a gift to. Know their interests and what kind of designs they like. You can choose something with a phrase or draw out a design with pictures.

As you are looking for designs, come up with a few options to choose from. Then you can do a pre-design layout to get an idea of which ones you like best. Choose designs that speak to each of your gift receivers. This will make your gift the most custom of all. 

Choosing Colors

When you are choosing to gift a T-shirt, you want to come up with a color that everyone will love. Black, white, and gray are always popular color choices for any occasion. You can also add in some colors that your gift receivers love. Show me a person who doesn’t love to receive something that is their favorite color. 

You also need to think about design colors. You wouldn’t want to put a design that has lost of bright colors on top of a brightly colored shirt. Mix it up, and do something subtle on a brighter shirt or visa versa. You can really be the king (or queen) of gift giving if you speak to your recipients’ tastes. 

Photo T-Shirts

Just about every grandma and grandpa in the world love receiving photos of their grandbabies for any occasion. Take it a step further and add those pictures to a T-shirt. You can just about guarantee they will wear that shirt every chance they can. They will be proud to show those babies off. 

You wouldn’t want to go overboard and add say 15 photos on a shirt. Keep it tasteful if that is the case. You can always add an image with the kids’ names for grandma and grandpa. They will love that, too. After all, personalized gifts are the best to receive. 

T-Shirt Styles

There are so many shirt styles on the market from unisex to ladies styles. There are crew neck and V neck as well. You can choose long sleeve or short sleeve and even hoodies styles. What you want to do is really think about the recipient and their taste. 

Another popular style is the baseball tee, also called raglan. You can choose from many colors of sleeves and the body of the shirt is a different color. This is a very popular style in recent years. 

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Once you have chosen a design, it will go to print. For screen printing, a mesh screen is used to transfer the design. High-quality fabric ink is used and the ink is woven into the fibers of the fabric. This gives a vibrant, long-lasting effect for your design. Your gift will last a long time and everytime the recipient wears it, they will remember it coming from you. 

Call Us For Your Gift Giving

When you have made out your gift-giving list, call TakeHold Printing! We are happy to work with you on your shopping list this year. We can give advice on your designs and get them printed to your shirts. We are looking forward to working with you. 

TakeHold Printing is proud to serve Nashville and the surrounding areas for all your T-shirt designs. We are so happy you have chosen us for all your custom shirt designs. You can expect excellent service and valuable pricing when you choose us!

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing a design to a T-shirt is done by using a mesh screen along with fabric ink to transfer an image onto the material. Most often, a stencil is made and the ink is pushed around with a squeegee to get into the fabric. By using a stencil, the image can be duplicated for multiple shirts or fabrics. 

Traditionally, a silk screen was used which is how the term “screen printing” came into play. The process is dated back to 960 AD in Asia. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the process was brought to the United States. 

What T-Shirt designs Are Trending?

If you are trying to make a statement, what better way than a custom-designed T-shirt?! We can help you with the design and the screen printing. Here are some things to think about when looking into trendy designs:

  • Minimalist Artwork – Thin-lined designs inspired by blackwork tattoos and natural themes. You can keep thin and create compositions that might resemble a tattoo. Pair with sans serif fonts with natural elements. 
  • Boxed Typography – This design formula is an approachable concept that can help anyone create a cool T-shirt. Pair with an impactful word that encompasses your cause with a fun geometric shape. You can also space out the words inside a geometric shape to make it your own. 
  • Resistance Designs – This allows for creative expression for your own personal views. 
  • Minimalist Phrases – Another technique that keeps is minimal and creating a design that is solely typographical. Create mockups for yourself in various colors and designs to help you decide on the final design. 
  • Detailed Illustrations – This is a popular technique for making yourself a walking billboard for your community or cause. You can make the statement and get the word out for the organization you are trying to help. 
  • Hand-drawn Illustrations – Use your own artwork and handwriting to make your statement. 

These are just some of the trending ideas for the year so far. With the holidays coming up, there are always new designs coming out that make the most popular lists for parties and events. 

Color Trends

When deciding color you want your T-shirt to be, it’s always good to think about the statement you are trying to make. This is also true when choosing the color or colors of the design you are putting on your shirt. There is always the classics, black, white, and gray. You can also choose brighter colors depending on the statement you are trying to make. 

Other colors such as pink, red, yellow, and teal may not be for everyone, but they do appeal to the eye. This is especially true if you are trying to get your shirt noticed. In the fashion world, blue goes with everything, so it is safe to say you can’t go wrong with it. However, to truly make an impact, your design will be what tells your story. 

Call Us for Your Trendy T-Shirts

When you are looking for just the right T-shirt, call our team at TakeHold Printing. We are happy to help all our neighbors in Nashville and beyond come up with the perfect design. You are sure to love your new trendy shirts and will come back for more. It is our pleasure to serve you. Give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

There are so many reasons you can use a fundraiser of selling T-shirts. Let TakeHold Printing help you design the perfect, profitable design for your fundraiser. We are proud to serve Nashville with valuable screen-printed T-shirts.

Why Use T-Shirts as a Fundraiser?

Everyone loves T-shirts! You can design something simple yet fun that will also get the word out about your cause. Choose a design that has something about your cause and it will show your patrons just what their donating to. Screen printed tees are built to last so you know you are offering a great product!

T-shirts are also pretty easy money. There are so many ways to sell them and you can make the most money for your cause. You set the precedent and can be in total control over the whole fundraiser.  

Ways to Sell T-Shirts for a Fundraiser

Here we will give you ideas of places you can sell your T-shirts. You can do online as well, but for a specific cause, you may get more return in person. Some ideas include:

  • Sell at sporting events – if you are trying to raise funds for a specific sports team (little league and beyond), what better location? You can target your audience there. 
  • Raffle prizes – this is excellent to earn quick cash without much cost to you. Choose a number of shirts and offer a raffle for a few dollars each
  • Catchy slogans – the “Keep Calm” shirts seem to always be popular. You can also come up with your own
  • Start a website – you can auction off shirts or let people order them from your own site. They can choose everything and let them have them shipped to them
  • Create team spirit – no matter what type of fundraiser you are doing, you can create a spirit around the cause. This will make your shirts sell better.

Develop a Fundraising Team

When it comes to fundraising for a specific cause, you never want to go into it blindly. That is where a fundraising team would go into play. You can select a specific number of people who would work together and brainstorm ideas. They would be the team who would decide everything about the shirt, down to the very last detail. 

You can give your team an idea of what you are looking for. They will make the final decisions about the details of the shirt itself. You may even choose to make yourself a project manager. That way, you will be part of all the decisions. 

Know How Much You Need

Have an idea of how much money you need for your team or cause. You can do a simple formula of how much supplies will cost you. This will mean counting the number of shirts you will order and the print to the shirt cost. You will also need to factor in the design fee if you are having it designed by a professional. 

Knowing how much supplies will be is important. Then, you will have an idea of how much you need to charge per T-shirt. Finally, you can estimate how much you will make per T-shirt. The idea is to try and keep cost low so you can make more profit in the end. 

Let Us Help You

When you are ready to set up a fundraiser, call TakeHold Printing. We can help you with design ideas that will support your cause. T-shirts are an excellent way to raise money for your team or cause. We are happy to help you with any questions you have. Give us a call today, we are looking forward to it!