Best Artwork Practices for Custom Screen Printing

We want to share with you  what we think is the best artwork practices for custom screen printing. Nashville has many screen printers but we are here to show you that we are different than all the rest!  Are you considering the idea of ordering custom t-shirts for an event or for personal preference? Not only will TakeHold save you time and money, we will gladly walk you through the process from start to finish. One of the more rewarding aspects of our jobs is to educate our customers on the many steps that we use in order to complete the perfect t-shirt! The most important component of the process is your artwork. Are you ready to be educated? Great! Here are three aspects of the importance of artwork that you never knew!

1.DPI matters: Have you ever taken a picture on your phone and posted it to social media, only to print it later on but the image turned out to be grainy and pixelated? That’s because the dpi of the image was not high enough to print a quality photo. We’ve all had it happen and its absolutely infuriating. The same goes for screen printing. We prefer to work with files that are anywhere from 200-300 dpi (dot per inch). Basically, in layman’s terms when the quality is poor then the quality of prodcut on the t-shirt is likely to suffer; however, when the quality meets the guidelines we have laid out then you are guaranteed a t-shirt that will leave you speechless!

2. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop: Ok, so what about it? The truth is we are Apple snobs around here, but the reality is that in our business we want to print a t-shirt that exceeds every expectation that you may have. In order to do that we have to work with the best programs out there, which happens to be adobe illustrator and photoshop. Typically these are vector based .ai or .eps files, or high resolution pixel-baed images (BMP, JPG, PNG) that are at least 200-300 dpi (theres that word again!).

3. Ideas everywhere: Maybe you’re like me- the least creative person on the planet. 25 years later and some serious self awareness, I take responsibility for the fact that I’ll never, ever be creative. Yes, I have creative ideas but I need help executing them. We have devoted our entire team (and work ethic) to making this process stress free. Therefore, we offer several packages for artwork; simple, starter, standard, silver and gold (read about it here: send us an your idea and we turn your thoughts into tangible, printed shirts!

Screen printing Nashville, Tn.

We want to share with you why are the number one for screen printing Nashville, TN!
I was driving home the other day with my child singing in the background at the top of her lungs, I had one of those rare moments where time seems to stand perfectly still for a moment. In the horizon I could see Nashville, the brilliance and radiance of the city illuminating off the streets and it reminded me why I love this city so very much.

Maybe you have a city that captures your heart and steals your breath away like Nashville does to me. There is nothing more entrancing than seeing home just over the horizon and realizing that home, Nashville, is an area known for its diverse populous and uncharted opportunities. The enticing views, collective groups of unique people, and culture that resinates at every turn are just a number of reasons why I enjoy this city so much. So why is this important and necessary knowledge? Because as screen printers in Nashville, we are always anxious to seize opportunities to expand our business and seek out different clientele and for me this is exactly what Nashville represents. And, if there are any cities that possess exponential potential then it is Nashville!

One particular clientele that we enjoy working with is clients who qualify for wholesale or contract pricing.  We accept so many requests from individuals who are acting as the middle man for their clients and we are eager to accommodate their need for wholesale pricing, especially clients who continually order large quantities of shirts. Now, please do not misunderstand my phrasing and think that this is for the elite or only for the order that contains 2500 shirts! If that’s the case, then who qualifies? Well, I’m glad you ask 🙂

The three most common companies that we work with in terms of bulk printing are:

Church: Churches hold a reputation for always having functions which means they are always in need of a medium for their message. Luckily for us, that is almost always a t-shirt! Between large gatherings such as conferences or summer camp, there is always a need for a t-shirt to be printed that portrays a particular message!

Schools: I remember when I was in college that every week leading up to homecoming there were enormous amounts of function at our University Center which meant there was ALWAYS a free t-shirt. And, I loved it! I cannot tell you how many t-shirts I have accumulated over the years I spent there. And because there are so many local schools and colleges in the Mid-State, we are always eager for more clientele.

Local Bands- Whether you live in Nashville or have only ever dreamed of visiting, we are famous for our music. Between the Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman, or BMI there are so many opportunities for local bands to make it big! And as most you know, all bands whether starting out or who have made it all see one common piece of merchandise, T-shirts!

Design Your Custom T-shirt!

Are you in the market for a custom t-shirt or possibly wondering how you can design your own t-shirt? Great, then this blog is exactly for you! At TakeHold Printing we appreciate systems, especially ones that are geared towards maximum efficiency for ourselves and more importantly our customers; therefore, we have created a portion of our website to help you bring your vision of a t-shirt alive!

Here are three options to chose from from when you are needing to create a shirt:

The first option is geared towards the customer who knows precisely what they need their shirt to say and where the placement of text or logo needs to go. This customer can simply click on the “Design Studio” tab and upload their image onto our model. This will generate an exact replica of what your shirt will look like and in a matter of moments you have just created your t-shirt. Now you are ready to proceed to checkout!

The second option that we offer our customers is geared towards someone who knows they need a custom made shirt but may need help generating an idea. For example, lets say that you love Christmas and wanted to print a shirt with something related but can’t quite narrow down an idea. You are in luck because we have an easy tool built in to make this process easier and less time consuming for you. Again, simply click on our “Design Studio” tab then click on “Clip Art” tab from the menu. From here you will send multiple tabs pop up with generic ideas that will help you pick a specific image. Once that image has been selected you now have the option to manipulate color, size, and placement of the image.

The third option that we offer our customers is a custom made piece that we will design for you. Lets say that you do not have an idea of what image you want and the clipart that we have provided does not match your vision, no problem! Simply call us at 615.943.1402 or send us an email ( to speak with someone regarding the ideas you have and we will help create a custom creation specifically tailored towards your preference. From here we will design the image and send you a visual mock-up of your shirt!

This new design tool not only allows for immediate visual representation of your custom made shirt but it allows you the freedom to create this on your own time. We hope to save you time and energy and make the process of creating t-shirt easy as 1,2,3!