Screen Printing in Nashville can be difficult sometimes because everyone seems to want the same style t-shirt. I believe in being different and unique. Being different and standing out should be a goal, and its worth the time to attain it. Here are some helpful tips on being original when you order custom t shirts.

Pick a unique color shirt.

Many times the common colors of a t-shirt will work due to your needs. But other times the color tee could be different than the standard types. Its good to stand out! Many times you may be needing the shirts for an event that’s calling you to make a t-shirt to stand out. Using a bright color tee can work well to help this happen. Putting a dark color print can help your design pop off the t shirt. If using a dark color shirt try using light ink colors. If you need help finding a great color to work well with your project feel free to contact us. 

Pick a unique color ink.

After you pick a really fun color for you t-shirt printing project its time to pick a show off color. Remember your not making apparel, but you’re making memories. So use fun colors! We have so many types of inks from puff inks to glow in the dark, so if you need help finding a unique ink to help your t shirts stand out feel free to let us help!

Pick the proper garment.

When picking your garment, its good to think about the event and who’s going to wear your shirts. If you are part of a school and you’re needing shirts for a beta club, then sometimes a standard t shirt will work. But bands love to use a v-neck style tee shirt. We have tons of options to choose from, so feel free to let us know if you needing help picking something out.

Spend time with your design.

Here at TakeHold we see so many people come to us with their design, and more time and effort could have gone into the details to make it truly unique. If your a band and you need to sell t-shirts, then the design on your shirt should be really important. If your a business and your needing custom screen printing then your logo will work most of the time.


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.
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So many ways to complete a t-shirt order. How will you start yours?


Ways to save time and money for screen printing in Nashville can happen just by visiting us. We can sit down with you and talk over all the details in one meeting. This makes ordering fun, fast, and smart.

Skipping emails and phone calls (which is necessary in a lot of circumstances) can help speed things up and give you peace of mind, knowing every detail is explained in person. If you would like to come by our shop please visit us at: 171 Commerce Drive, Hendersonville, TN Suite #5.

We can show you all the updated fashions and styles that are being used to help people get their brand recognized. We also have ideas if you’re wanting to stand out in the crowd. We keep a stock of garment types; this way you can put your hands on the material and see what works for your custom t-shirt needs.  If by chance we don’t have in house what your needing (no worries) we will order a sample for you.


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.
If you would like a price now just Click Here.