Having your screen printing in Nashville done without any designs ready can make things difficult and could cost you money. We offer Free Art Help to solve this. Providing us with the design or your ideas can save a lot of time. Here are some tips for getting your ideas together:

Step 1- Know where you would like the design to be printed.

Some common areas are the front chest and the back side of the garment. But you can have your design printed on sleeves, legs, just about anywhere really. The chat below shows the common layout for printing on t-shrits.

Step 2- Know how many colors you want printed.

Do you want a one-color or a full-color? A full-color will cost more then a one-color but the full-color can be printed in a photo- like image. The common amount of colors printed on t-shirts are between 1-3 colors.

The image below will show you the difference between a one color print and a full color. As you can see, having a one color print can still give you a lot of details if the design is done well. Reducing the amount of colors can save you money.

Step 3- Know how large the print should be.

Do you need something just on the chest plate or the whole back side? After you know what you’re looking for, feel free to let us know and we can get some design ideas going for you. Remember we offer free art help. So feel free to contact us anytime to price your order.


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.
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I was driving home the other day with my child singing in the background at the top of her lungs, I had one of those rare moments where time seems to stand perfectly still for a moment. In the horizon I could see Nashville, the brilliance and radiance of the city illuminating off the streets and it reminded me why I love this city so very much.

Maybe you have a city that captures your heart and steals your breath away like Nashville does to me. There is nothing more entrancing than seeing home just over the horizon and realizing that home, Nashville, is an area known for its diverse populous and uncharted opportunities. The enticing views, collective groups of unique people, and culture that resinates at every turn are just a number of reasons why I enjoy this city so much. So why is this important and necessary knowledge? Because as screen printers in Nashville, we are always anxious to seize opportunities to expand our business and seek out different clientele and for me this is exactly what Nashville represents. And, if there are any cities that possess exponential potential then it is Nashville!

One particular clientele that we enjoy working with is clients who qualify for wholesale or contract pricing.  We accept so many requests from individuals who are acting as the middle man for their clients and we are eager to accommodate their need for wholesale pricing, especially clients who continually order large quantities of shirts. Now, please do not misunderstand my phrasing and think that this is for the elite or only for the order that contains 2500 shirts! If that’s the case, then who qualifies? Well, I’m glad you ask 🙂

The three most common companies that we work with in terms of bulk printing are:

  1. Church: Churches hold a reputation for always having functions which means they are always in need of a medium for their message. Luckily for us, that is almost always a t-shirt! Between large gatherings such as conferences or summer camp, there is always a need for a t-shirt to be printed that portrays a particular message!
  2. Schools: I remember when I was in college that every week leading up to homecoming there were enormous amounts of function at our University Center which meant there was ALWAYS a free t-shirt. And, I loved it! I cannot tell you how many t-shirts I have accumulated over the years I spent there. And because there are so many local schools and colleges in the Mid-State, we are always eager for more clientele.
  3. Local Bands- Whether you live in Nashville or have only ever dreamed of visiting, we are famous for our music. Between the Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman, or BMI there are so many opportunities for local bands to make it big! And as most you know, all bands whether starting out or who have made it all see one common piece of merchandise, T-shirts!

If you would like to get your t-shirt screen printing in Nashville and need a quote, please get a quote here. Its fast and easy.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email (takehold.phillip@gmail.com) or by phone (615.943.1402).

Custom screen printed t-shirts for churches are useful for many reasons.  They go with anything, are easy to care for, and can bring back memories of special places and times shared with loved ones and friends. If there’s one article of clothing that most people can’t live without, it would be t-shirts; and the best get a special place in everyone’s wardrobe.

When it comes to church groups, missions, and youth groups, a custom made screen printed T-shirt is an excellent idea for a number of reasons.

First, if you’re a member of a church group and you’re looking to raise funds for a charity or some other social function custom screen printed T-Shirts are practically perfect.  They can be personalized to say virtually anything you want them to say, can be printed on a wide variety of colors and sizes, and, if you purchase them in large quantities, the cost to your church or youth group will be lower and the profit for charity higher.

If you are putting together a mission trip, custom t-shirts are perfect for creating unity among the group members.  Designing them together can be a rewarding task and the t-shirts themselves will become cherished reminders of the trip and the time spent together helping those in need and bringing change to the world.

For Youth groups, a custom t-shirt with the group’s name or the names of the members is an excellent idea.  A custom T-shirt can help the members of the group feel that sense of belonging that many young people need, and it gives them a sense of being special and being involved.

The simple fact is, custom screen printed T-shirts are fun to design, long-lasting, build unity, and are a lot of fun to wear.  Everyone loves t-shirts and your church group, youth group, or mission will treasure them always. Custom t-shirts are really a win-win situation for everyone!


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.
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