Tee shirts are classic and easy to customize, making them ideal to commemorate an event or promote your business. Tees appear simple and ubiquitous, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to creating the perfect tee. Material matters when selecting the right tee shirt for your custom job. Here are 10 reasons why most t-shirts are made from cotton or polyester.

1. Comfort

Tees made from cotton and polyester are comfortable. Cotton varies greatly in terms of quality and price point, but even inexpensive cotton is soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Polyester is also comfortable and gentle on skin.

2. Improved Softness

Both cotton and polyester are soft, contributing to the overall comfort. The more cotton is washed the softer it becomes. Over time a well loved cotton tee can become extremely soft.

3. Durable Construction

Durability is a desirable trait for tee shirts when used as promotional products or even souvenirs, because the longer the shirt holds up the more exposure it will give a brand. Cotton holds up well wear after wear and maintains its shape. Most types of cotton and polyester resist stretching and piling. While cotton is durable, polyester is typically even more durable. When the shirt continues to look good after numerous washes it will become a stable your customers will reach for again and again.

4. Versatile Uses

Classic styling makes tee shirts useful in just about any application. Tees are a basic item that can be worn during a regular day, while running errands, completing chores or working out. Everyone has a use for cotton or polyester tee shirts in some capacity. Tees can be layered for warmth or practicality, adding to the usefulness and versatility.

5. Breathability

Several factors determine whether a fabric breathes, or allows air to pass through. The type of fabric matters, but the way the threads are woven together also contributes. Cotton in particular breathes, and the construction of most tee shirts helps facilitate breathing. The ability to breath helps the wearer dissipate heat when working out or even just on a warm day. Breathability contributes to the overall comfort of cotton tees.

6. Organic Cotton is Easy on the Planet

Cotton grown with little or no pesticides or fertilizers earns the organic distinction. The lack of chemicals is good for the planet and ensures peace of mind when wearing the fabric. Organic cotton is typically very soft for added comfort.

7. Eco Benefits

Both cotton and polyester can be recycled, minimizing the environmental impact of the fabrics. Cotton is also biodegradable, meaning it will safely break down given the proper conditions.

8. Wrinkle-Free Polyester

Polyester is made from a blend of synthetic fibers. It is lightweight and maintains its shape well, meaning a polyester shirt will stand up to regular use. Polyester also resists shrinking and wrinkles.

9. Ease of Printing

The smooth surface of cotton and polyester makes both fabrics ideal for printing. The weave of the fabrics is tight enough to consistently take ink. Artwork that features intricate detail displays nicely

10. Value

Polyester and cotton both provide an excellent value. Cotton tees come in a variety of price points, so whatever budget you are working with you will be certain to find something you can afford. Even the inexpensive options hold up well and provide a great return on your investment. Polyester typically costs less than cotton, making it an even more affordable option.

Understand What You Need

Several factors determine the ideal tee shirt. Budget will certainly steer the decision, but how the shirt holds up over time, how comfortable the garment is to wear and even the environmental aspects matter. Figure out what issues matter the most to you and your company when it comes to choosing material for a custom tee shirts.

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Cotton and polyester both offer a lot of benefits and make excellent tee shirts. When creating a custom tee to use as a promotional product durability and comfort are key. These traits also translate well when creating a shirt for a personal project. Learn more about the brands we have available and find the right tee shirts for your project.

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