Styling a Casual Nashville Outfit with a Customized Tee Shirt

Tee shirts have been mainly designated as gym clothes or the uniform for doing chores, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Custom tees can be stylish and give an outfit a polished and pulled together look. Here are some tips for styling a casual Nashville outfit with a customized tee shirt.


Create a cohesive look by adding coordinating accessories. If your custom tee has a bright or dominant color, find accessories that are the same color for a sleek monochromatic look. You can also add accessories all in the same contrasting hue to make a stylish statement. From a belt to shoes, jewelry and a handbag you can build a stylish outfit around a customized tee shirt

Add a Blazer

The structure of a more professional looking blazer over a casual custom tee creates a look that is on trend. If opting to wear a blazer and custom tee, round out your ensemble with fitted or slim fit pants and heels or ballet flats. This look can also be paired with jeans which are still casual, but slightly dresses up your jeans. Whether worn to work or brunch rocking a blazer and custom tee is a polished look.

Pair With a Maxi Skirt

The flow of a maxi skirt makes a nice contrast with a more fitted custom tee. If you leave the tee untucked add a belt to add definition. Wear with comfortable sandals or even sneakers. This casual, bohemian look is ideal for lazy weekends.

Wear a Moto Jacket

The fitted silhouette of a moto jacket offers a nice contrast to the looser fit of a tee shirt. This look plays off of the straight lines of the jacket and the more loose fit of the tee. Pair with boots or even high heels to round out the look.

Coordinate with Shorts and Ankle Boots

Shorts and tees are two articles of clothing known for being very casual. Create an edgier version of this classic look by tucking the tee in and pairing with ankle boots. This elevates the look, making it more stylish and yet still spot on and comfortable. If there is a slight chill in the air add a pair of tights under the shorts and grab a blazer to round out the look.

Dress Down a Dress

Throw a custom graphic tee over a dress to create a completely different look. This works with all sorts of dresses and adds versatility to your wardrobe. Layering a tee over a dress is also a way to tone down the formality of a fancier dress and make it better suited to more casual affairs and excursions.

Layer Over a Dress Shirt

Wearing a short sleeve tee over a long sleeve tee is a tried and true method to stay warm. Layer a tee over a dress shirt for a stylish way to stay warm and look-on trend. Roll the sleeves of the dress shirt for a more casual and comfortable look.

Match to a Skirt

Whether a structured pencil skirt or a knee-length A-line skirt, pair with a custom tee to make for a stylish outfit. Partially tuck the shirt in to avoid looking frumpy, particularly if wearing a high waisted skirt. Wear with heels or open sandals for a carefree and summery look. Make the outfit more cold weather appropriate with platform shoes and tall boots.

Wear with Denim

Denim is a staple and always looks good with a tee shirt. Whether worn with jeans or a denim jacket you will immediately have a look that is quintessential Americana.

Go For the Unexpected

If you have a piece that is a little bit out there, you can reel in the look with a custom tee. From a tulle skirt to leather pants or a crocheted vest a tee will help to anchor the look while allowing a unique part of the outfit to stand out.

Show Your Style

There are countless ways to style custom tees. When creating your look go for something that is comfortable and speaks to your style. Tees can make formal articles of clothing more casual to expand the versatility of your wardrobe.

Create Your Own Custom Tees

If you are feeling inspired to up your style game with custom tees, we can help. Create your artwork, send it in, and we can print your images on a tee. If you have an idea, but do not have design skills or access to design software we can help. We offer free design help to bring your vision to life.

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Create a Custom Tee Shirt Design for Unique Holiday Gifts in Nashville

Finding just the right gift can be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be that way. This holiday season gives a one-of-a-kind gift to friends and family that will be unlike anything else they receive, and will also be a favorite. Create a custom tee shirt design for your friends and family as a unique holiday gift in Nashville.

Think Long Term

Research has shown that when someone gives a gift, they focus on the moment the gift is unwrapped. This makes sense because that is the big moment for the person giving the gift. People who receive gifts appreciate the usefulness of a gift. Unwrapping the present is not the highlight for them. Whether or not they can use the gift long-term is what matters. Custom printed tees as a gift appeal to both the sender and receiver because it is exciting to open, but useful long term.

Thoughtful Gift

Gifting custom designed and printed tee shirts show your family and friends that you care. This is the type of gift that builds upon a shared history and relationship. A tee shirt can seem like a simple gift, but a custom printed shirt will encompass the experiences you have shared with your gift recipients.

Completely Unique

Custom tees are unique, and your friends and family will likely not receive anything else like it. Even if they receive other articles of clothing, it will not have the sentimental value and level of personalization that your custom tee will offer.

Useful Gift

Everyone has a use for a tee shirt. You can all plan to wear your custom tees at a reunion or future gathering. If you all plan to wear your shirts together at some point, your gift will help build anticipation. Tee shirts are wardrobe staples and whether worn to run errands, hit the gym or when just going about regular activities your friends and relatives will undoubtedly have a use for your custom tee.

Come Up With a Theme

When coming up with ideas for custom tees decide on a theme. A theme will give the design purpose and make it a thoughtful gift your friends and family will appreciate. Consider a Nashville holiday theme with a local flair.

Possible Themes for Family

For your family, you can create custom tees that have your family name on it and maybe your hometown or other pertinent details. Using your last name as the name of a college is a popular option. Include a crest if using a college theme for an authentic look. Your family custom tee can feature a holiday greeting or the date for your next family reunion.

Theme Ideas for Friends

For a group of friends think about what it is that brought you all together. If you all met at school or a job or a club, use that as inspiration for the theme. Custom tees as a gift can also be a creative way to ask a group of friends to be in your wedding.

Ordering Custom Tees

Custom designed gifts add a personal touch and make the item more thoughtful. Creating something custom also allows you to create exactly what you envision. We have simplified the ordering process to make it as easy as possible.

Create Your Design

If you have design skills and access to design software you can create the digital artwork you want to be printed on your custom tees. If you have questions about how to set up the file, or if you have an idea, but need help creating the files, we can help.

Figure Out Quantity

Determining how many shirts to order and sizes can be tricky. Write everything down to keep track and make sure everyone is accounted for and receives a custom tee. We have a low order minimum of 12 for orders including screen printing and embroidery. Orders with digital printing have no minimum. If you need low quantities, this can be beneficial, but the price per shirt is based on the total number of shirts ordered. Making custom printed tee shirts can be a cost-effective holiday gift option.


Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to design and order your custom tees. We need about one week to print your shirts once the design and order details are final. If you need to wrap and ship your shirts to your family and friends, factor in enough time when placing your order.

Giving the Perfect Gift

A lot goes into finding the perfect gift. The item should be something the recipient can use and something they will appreciate. Custom printed tees fulfill these requirements and are something your friends and family members will enjoy, appreciate and are excited to wear.

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Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Party with Custom T-Shirts

From a crazy night on the town to a more laid back spa day there are almost limitless options to planning the ultimate bachelorette party. Creating custom shirts can add to the fun and give everyone a souvenir to remember the day. If you are looking for awesome ideas for the ultimate Nashville bachelorette party with custom designed t-shirts, here are some suggestions to consider.

Create a Vibe

Matching shirts create a sense of camaraderie and will get everyone excited about the party. Choose a theme or activity to center the bachelorette party around and make sure your custom shirts follow this theme. Bachelorette party t-shirts are known for fun phrases and puns. Find inspiration for your very own bachelorette party shirts with this list of phrases or get creative and come up with your own unique phrase.

Design a Fun Shirt

If a member of the bridal party has design skills and access to Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator she can create a custom design to have printed on the tees. If you need design help or suggestions our team is ready to lend a hand. Our streamlined process makes it quick and simple to create custom shirts to commemorate your event.

Find the Right Activity

A bachelorette party is an opportunity for a bride and her nearest and dearest to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company before the big day. Planning the party around a fun activity will ensure everyone enjoys the party and creates lasting memories. Here are a few ideas for the ultimate bachelorette party.

Get Outdoors

From hiking to glamping or even zip lining there are a lot of outdoor activities your group can enjoy. When hiking plan out the route and make sure everyone in your group is able to participate and enjoy the experience. Glamping can be relaxing and is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while also enjoying comfortable amenities.

For an outdoor adventure create shirts that reflect the nature theme and maybe even the trail your group will hike or other activities you plan to enjoy.

Wine Tasting

Most wineries are open to tastings, and often nearby wineries work together and create a wine trail or an itinerary visitors can use. If you have wine lovers in your group and a nearby grape region check out your options. You can look into renting a limo to safely travel from one winery to the next, or see if there are any organized tours complete with transportation.

Design custom tees centered on wine or your specific tour. You can even include a checklist of the wineries you plan to visit. Bring a marker and check off the locations as you work your way through the tour.

Spa Day

Get everyone together for a day of relaxation and rest. The closer to the big day the better when it comes to pre-wedding pampering. From massages and facials to manis and pedis a day at the spa can help relieve some of the inevitable stress that comes with planning a wedding. A trip to the spa can also be a precursor to an evening of cocktails or a laid back dinner.

Matching spa day-themed shirts will help set the tone of a restful and relaxing time. Choose soothing colors and laid back messages to reflect on the vibe of the spa.

Wellness Retreat

Hotels sometimes offer packages for wellness retreats that can accommodate groups. From yoga sessions to lavish spa treatments, gourmet meals and more your group can enjoy a full day or weekend of activities to relax and bond. If a wellness retreat is the plan create a custom tee your group can wear while practicing yoga or enjoying some pampering.

Get Competitive

Sign everyone up for a 5K or a fun race, like The Color Run or Warrior Dash. For more ambitious groups consider a longer race, or maybe even a triathlon. Give everyone plenty of notice, so they can train and be prepared leading up to race day.

Design shirts that unify your group as a team and let everyone know you are in it together. Team shirts will bring your group closer together and help your group bond over your shared athletic endeavor.

Plan the Best Bachelorette Party

Every group is different and whatever you decide to do should be something everyone can participate in and enjoy. From laid back weekends centered on relaxation to high-energy endeavors focused on athletic accomplishments the ultimate bachelorette party can take many different forms. Custom t-shirts can be designed just for your party and will create a sense of unity and help you group bond. Unique tees are also a fun souvenir that will remind everyone of the great time everyone had together.

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