Custom designed t-shirts create a sense of unity and can also be an excellent way to commemorate an event. Creating customized t-shirts for your church can foster a feeling of community and shared faith.

Shirts Bring Value to Your Community

You may find it useful to create custom designed t-shirts for your church that are general and can be worn to any event. It can also be worthwhile to design shirts for specific events. If there is a special gathering or a yearly event you can commemorate it with a specially designed t-shirt.

Design Your Customized T-Shirts

Submit your artwork, and we can print your custom designed t-shirt. You can design your artwork and send it to us as an .ai, .png or .jpeg file. We can take care of any edits your files may need. If you need design help, we can put together some ideas and create your custom t-shirt design. Select the color of the artwork and the t-shirts for a complementary look. All of these fun church events, and more, are worthy of a custom t-shirt.

1. Create and Deliver Food Baskets

Round up donations and create food baskets to distribute to those in need around the holidays. When church members deliver the baskets, they should wear their customized t-shirts.

2. Collect Donations

Choose a cause and send church members out into the community to collect donations. Support can be raised for hurricane victims, local shelters or food pantries. There are a lot of organizations to choose from that can use support. Members can wear their church t-shirts while collecting donations.

3. Host a Cookout

Organize a cookout with church members and invite neighbors and other members of the community. Church members can wear their custom t-shirts.

4. Host a Community-Wide Blood Drive

Offer to use the church facilities to host a blood drive. Church members can volunteer and wear their t-shirts.

5. Organize a Sports Tournament

Pick a sport members like to play whether software, kickball or something else. Invite members to create teams that can also include non-church family and friends and plan a tournament. Athletes can wear custom designed shirts as uniforms.

6. Decorate Pumpkins for Halloween

Have a selection of pumpkins and invite younger members of the church to wear their shirts and pick out a pumpkin. Older church members can help the kids decorate their pumpkins.

7. Wrap Presents for Christmas

Host a gift wrapping session where church members volunteer to wrap gifts for other members of the church and members of the community. The members wrapping gifts can wear their custom t-shirts.

8. Participate in Fairs, Festivals and Parades 

Churches can have a presence at local fairs, festivals, and parades.  Host a booth or create a float and wear your custom designed church tees.

9. Plan a Day of Community Service

Depending on the time of year organize a seasonably appropriate day of service for the community. Church members can plant flowers, paint park benches, pick up litter or do anything else that helps to beautify the community.


10. Help Neighbors With Chores

Organize for members to do chores for church and community members who are elderly or have health issues that make some chores difficult. Church volunteers can wear their shirts as they rake leaves, pressure wash sidewalks and even install or remove window air conditioner units.

11. End of School Celebration

Host parties for student church members. It may be best to divide the students into groups based on grades. You can organize parties for elementary, middle and high school students. Plan age-appropriate activities and ask students to wear their shirts.

12. Host a Family Movie Night

Set up a projector, select a family-friendly movie, pop some popcorn and invite church members to bring their families and friends to watch the movie. Members can wear their custom shirts.

13. Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Invite members of both the church and community to bring lawn chairs and enjoy live music at an outdoor concert at the church. Church members can wear their shirts.

14. Church Potluck

Invite members to bring a dish, wear their custom shirt and enjoy a meal and fellowship.


15. New Member Meet and Greet

Plan a gathering for new church members to get to know the congregation. This can be a very good time to give new members their very own custom designed church t-shirt. Existing members can wear their shirts.

Get Started Designing Your Custom Church T-Shirts

Creating custom t-shirt designs for your church is simple, and we can help. Custom shirts create a community feeling and will bring people closer. Church t-shirts also make it easy for non-members to identify members at events open to the community. This makes it easier for non-church guests to know who to talk to with questions or other comments.

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