Here at TakeHold Printing we want to introduce our customers, and potential customers, to the concept of the 4 dollar t-shirt! If you are in the market for high quality custom screen printed t-shirts and are looking to save a buck (or two!), then we want to let you know there is a way to purchase our 4 dollar tee!  We have compiled a list of three simple, yet effective, ways to reduce your shirt cost!

1. The first tip that we suggest is using an affordable t-shirt brand, such as Gildan or Comfort Colors. If you are ordering a large amount of t-shirts, we always suggest Gildan because they are practical, affordable, and a very durable t-shirt. We have used Gildan t-shirts for mud runs, marathons, construction companies, and even preschool functions. Why? Because they are the most practical and cost effective t-shirt that you can purchase!

2. Although using an affordable t-shirt brand, such as Gildan, is extremely cost effecient, we also recommend ordering higher quantities of shirts to offset the cost of each shirt. For example, a shirt order that contains 50 shirts will be more expensive, per shirt, than ordering 200 shirts. If you are looking to save some money then this is definitely the easiest way to do so!

3. Lastly, we want to cover the topic of artwork. I realize that this might surprise our customers; however, our goal is always to inform and educate our customers on tips and tricks to save money. Artwork cost is determined by the amount of colors present in a particular design; therefore, colors present equal and determine the amount of screens that a printer must use (more screens = higher print cost/ less screens=lower print cost). The more simple the artwork, in terms of colors present, means that less screen will be used, thus the cost remains affordable. We recommend simplifying artwork as much as possible to get the best bang for your buck.

So there you have it- 3 simple, yet effective ways to purchase your 4 dollar t-shirt! Three factors that we guarantee will play a major role in decreasing the cost of t-shirt and help you save money! If you would like more information pertaining to this post or have questions regarding the 4 dollar t-shirts, please call or email us today!