Raising money for charities is so common in today’s society. One of the best and most common ways of doing so is through custom T-shirt printing. Custom T-shirts cover so many bases and serve multiple functions at once. The profits from the original sale of the T-shirts go towards a good cause while the shirt itself acts as a form of advertising for the charity.

Why Custom T-shirts?

Custom T-shirts are an affordable and effective way to raise awareness and money for any charity, foundation or cause. They are also fun to design and create, and custom T-shirts provide a way for more people to get involved with the organization. The design itself can represent what your cause is all about and include a custom caption to make sure the message is clear.

Ordering and Promoting

Once you have the design down, you only need to decide how many you need and place the order. You may already have a great forum in mind for selling them, or you can use multiple online platforms that help people sell T-shirts for charity. No matter the plan, these represent a great way to raise money and promote your good cause.

Consider the Reasons To Do It

However, you may still not be convinced. Although it is straightforward and affordable to create custom T-shirts, you may wonder if it is effective. Don’t worry. If you are still unsure if custom T-shirt printing is the right way to promote your charity, we have built this list of reasons why you should do so. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the reasons why it’s a good idea as there are many others that we couldn’t fit on here. But this should help clarify any questions regarding why so many people choose to print custom shirts and wear them proudly for charity.

1. All Proceeds Go to Your Charity

While custom printed T-shirts are very affordable for the original purchaser, they can be sold at any price you choose. Depending on the event or venue in which you are selling the T-shirts, the price may vary at different locations and times. Because people know that they are spending money for a good cause, they will often be willing to pay more than they normally would for a T-shirt.

Profitable and Flexible

You can then take the profits and divide them however it is necessary. T-shirts provide a great way of earning money towards your cause while providing the freedom to set and change your price. Because they are so affordable to order, custom T-shirts are almost ALL profit.

2. (Almost) Free Advertising

Aside from the original price of the order, you will not pay any more for this great source of advertising. Interested people may ask the wearer right away or Google it at home later. Either way, the shirt creates an almost unlimited source of advertising for your cause.

Mobile Billboards

Even if the T-shirt is designed for one particular event, such as charity runs, an annual fundraising event or a trivia night, people will often continue to wear them for long after the event finishes. If the design directly promotes your cause and not a specific event, even better.

3. Wear With Pride

Have you seen someone walking down the street, proudly wearing a T-shirt with something about a fundraiser, church, charity event or other logo relating to a good cause? This not only intrigues those who see the shirt, but it gives the wearer a sense of pride. This creates a cycle of continuous advertising and happy purchasers.

Ongoing Promotion

Many people will continue to wear custom charity T-shirts long after the original event for which they are created. This acts as an ongoing promotion for the cause.

4. Sell Anywhere

Custom T-shirts can be sold on multiple platforms and in more forums than most T-shirts. They are most commonly sold at charity events or fundraisers, but they can also be kept on-site at your headquarters or sold at community events.

In-Person and Online

Some businesses will help you to sell your T-shirts, some of them will contribute to the cause. This improves the reputation of the business while helping you raise money and promote awareness of your good cause. There are also several websites that specialize in helping your sell your T-shirts for charity.

5. Fun to Create

Designing and creating the custom T-shirts is half the fun.

Getting Involved

This allows for more people to become involved in your charity while having fun at the same time. As a result, they become more loyal and dedicated to the cause.

You can create a stellar design that represents your charity or brand with pride!

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