Anyone who lives in Nashville or visited the area knows that Tennessee is the ultimate place for mouthwatering barbecues. Who can resist the allure of pulled pork and ribs with a tasty Nashville barbecue sauce? And how about ribs with a Tennessee sauce you won’t taste anywhere else? People in the area are proud of their unique barbecue sauce recipes and show them off at local events. Discover how any big Nashville barbecue is even better with custom tees to commemorate the event.

Going to a Cook-Off

The excitement of participating in a cook-off is heightened when you get to the event. Everyone puts their best dishes forward to be judged by pros or peers. And it’s all about flavor when you barbecue meat in Tennessee. Whether you enter Grandpa’s famous recipe or come up with your own, the goal is to win and show you know how important barbecuing is to families and friends. Custom tees are a perfect way to show who is participating in the cook-off. And special custom tees can be created for the winners so they can announce their expertise all over the city.

Eating Contests

Anyone who has participated in an eating contest know it’s all about who can consume the most burgers, hot dogs, and ribs. While eating a lot of food is the priority, the contest is even more fun when everything is slathered in barbecue sauce. By the end of the eating contest, all the participants are covered in barbecue sauce from head to toe. And adding spicy barbecue sauces to the meat takes the competition up a notch to see who can endure the spiciness best. While the sauce on their shirts will show their participation, give them a sense of pride by giving out custom tees to wear. And the winner should definitely have a custom tee announcing his or her accomplishment.

Church and Charity Barbecues

Many churches and charitable organizations host barbecues to raise awareness and money. People support these causes and enjoy attending barbecues to bring others into the organization. Give out custom tees to showcase the barbecue as well as the church or charity. Everyone will feel proud of being part of the organization. And newbies will appreciate getting custom tees that encourage them to  join in the fun and goodwill. Consider sponsoring contests, such as a bake off or three-legged race, to raise more money. And have custom tees ready to give to the winners.

The Family Reunion Barbecue

What better way to celebrate a family reunion than a barbecue in a big backyard or local park? Everyone gets together for informal fun and plenty of great food. Encourage each family member to bring his or her special dishes. Share barbecue sauce recipes so generations to come can enjoy the same fantastic flavors. And give out custom tees to everyone in the family. Include the family name and the year of the barbecue. People can save their custom tees to show how often the family gets together to appreciate being part of the crew. Make sure to get tees in all sizes so everyone from toddlers to seniors can have a shirt to wear. Take a photograph of everyone wearing their tees to treasure and pass down for years to come.

Few people come to Nashville and skip barbecued foods. The aroma, flavor, and reputation make people want to dive into Tennessee barbecues. And it’s an experience they are sure to want to do again! In the meantime, they can remember it fondly by wearing cool custom tees.

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