As an artist, you always look for ways to give your work a wider reach. After all, the more people that see the content that you produce, the higher the chance that one or more of them will take notice and start purchasing from you. However, there are many barriers that stand in the way of promoting your work. Especially in a technological world where the internet is saturated with artists trying to make their mark, it can be difficult for any individual to get the “big break” that they’re looking for. However, there’s one way to promote your art that few people expect: printing it on cheap custom made t-shirts.


These days, custom screen printing is fast, easy and affordable. It is accessible almost anywhere thanks to internet ordering, and most cities have multiple locations that print t-shirts for you to pick up in person. Some websites offer services that print t-shirts and ship them back to you with an average turnaround time of two weeks. This makes it possible for people living almost anywhere to order custom printed apparel. Furthermore, companies often offer their custom printing services for just a little over the cost of the raw materials, especially when you purchase in bulk.

Just Order Online

The process of ordering online is straightforward. Submit your design to a custom printing company, and then choose the size, color, number and type of apparel that you want the design printed on. Cheap custom made t-shirts are the most popular option, but you can pick anything from hoodies and crewnecks to tank tops and jerseys if you’d like. Some screen printing companies offer accessories such as hats or key chains.


There is an almost endless number of ways that you can use t-shirts to promote your artwork. Starting by offering them for free or as prizes on your own website or social media. For example, you could say that anyone who orders from your website will receive a free t-shirt, or create a contest on your Instagram account promising a t-shirt to people who recreate your artwork in unique and interesting ways. Offering physical, tangible items to people is a great way to get them engaged with your work. Fans and followers who don’t win something will see others interacting with your art and want to join in, too.

Distributing at Events and Art Shows

As an alternative, you could hand out these shirts at relevant locations such as art shows and galleries so long as you obtain the permission of the gallery owner or the art show director. These venues offer a great way to market yourself to your audience because you know that the people there are already interested in art – you just have to make them aware of what you have to offer. Furthermore, it is much more appealing to offer free giveaways than to simply set up a booth showing people about what you can do.

Why T-Shirts Matter

There are several reasons why t-shirts matter to your artwork. First, fans see a tangible, physical representation of your work that they can touch and experience, which makes it real for them instead of just an abstraction. If people have this view of your art, they will be more likely to want to support it so that they can see more examples of it in the future. Aficionados become passionate about your art in a way that they just don’t get from seeing pictures of artwork posted online. This is the same reason people go to art museums when they could look up famous pieces online. There’s something about the physical that is just more appealing.

A Lasting Representation of Your Artwork

And t-shirts stay with a person even after they leave your presence in a way that paper products like flyers or brochures, or even digital methods like following you on social media, don’t. Someone can throw away a brochure or scroll past your Instagram updates, but if they have a t-shirt from you they will most likely wear it regularly. That’s why your t-shirt should be well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. A custom shirt serves as a personal reminder of your artwork that will keep them interested and coming back for more.

Even better, having art on a cheap custom made t-shirt exposes more people than just the person who is wearing it. An eye-catching design can attract countless admirers who would otherwise have no idea that you existed or were making appealing work. It’s a conversation-starter for the person wearing the shirt, and the wearer will hopefully tell people why he or she received the shirt and what your art is all about. Therefore, the impact reaches much farther than that one personal interaction you’re able to have with the person wearing your shirt.

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