October 5, 2020

Care Tips For Embroidered Items

Here at TakeHold Printing, we specialize in screen printing and embroidery. These are two common ways that apparel is customized for a business, school, church, or brand. Everyone knows the look of a freshly embroidered or custom screen printed item, and they always catch the eye. At TakeHold Printing and Embroidery, we take pride in making quality products that will last a lifetime. We want everyone to get many wears out of their apparel. 

What most people don’t know, is that there are proper ways of taking care of embroidery, to keep the thread looking bright and vibrant, as long as you’d like. Embroidery already goes on a more sturdy apparel, to withhold the shape of the thread. Proper care is also a key step in keeping your custom embroidery looking fresh. 

One important factor of keeping embroidery safe and lasting, is to never scrub the embroidery area. If you were to get a stain on your shirt, it is best to soak the garment to remove the stain. This prevents the thread from getting fuzzy and damaged. Another key care aspect of embroidery is to try to hand wash your embroidered garment. This is the most precautious way to keep the logo looking crisp and vibrant. It keeps the thread safe and allows it to not get soiled from other dirty laundry in a washing machine. Hand wash cycles on washing machines, with other embroidered garments, is also a safe option. 

One last important key to taking care of your embroidered items is to not add starch to the garment, when washing it. Starch can cause the fabrics of the thread to break down over time after folding for long periods of time. It may make your shirt look and feel crisp, but it isn’t good for the thread fibers of the embroidery. 

I hope you feel well educated after reading all of our care tips for an embroidered garment. If you need something embroidered, call us today at 615.943.1402

We would love to help and get your items embroidered within a week turnaround! 

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