October 16, 2020

Care Tips For Your Customized T-Shirts

Custom screen printed t-shirts are something that are always exciting to receive and seeing vibrant colors on a t-shirt, is something everyone wants to preserve. Whether you are the one putting your company’s logo or your business apparel design, everyone wants their t-shirts to stay crisp and vibrant. Here are some wise tips as to how to care for your custom screen printed t-shirts and keep them looking fresh.

Whenever you wash your custom printed t-shirt, make sure that you turn your shirt inside out when washing and drying. This will help preserve the ink and prevent it from rubbing against other things in the washer and dryer. Try to wash your custom tees in cold water, this is a prime step in keeping the ink good. You also don’t want to use any harsh laundry detergents that are really strong. You want to stick to using mild laundry detergents, so that your ink can live out its fullest potential. 

Another good habit to create when washing custom screen printed tees is to tumble dry your shirts. If you are willing to take the extra mile, hanging them to dry is the best option. Another step to keeping shirts preserved for a long time is to order from a company that does quality work with quality ink and materials. If a company uses cheap ink and printing methods, then the ink may not last very long. Here at TakeHold Screen Printing and Embroidery, we offer premium printing methods. We use the best ink that money can buy. Our ink last the lifetime of a shirt, and we can assure you of that. 

Call us today to place an order and get customized t-shirts made for your business. Stand out and wear great products that everyone will love. We would love to help. Call us at 615.943.1402

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