As we head into warmer weather, people shed their coats and sweatshirts and opt for cheap custom T-shirts instead. As we come out of the spring fog, there are a couple of great summer holidays coming up that would be appropriate to commemorate with a custom T-shirt. A great way to show your patriotism is to create T-shirts for Memorial Day as well as the Fourth of July. Whether wearing them to a gathering or sharing them with friends, you can have unique shirts to celebrate each of these holidays.

A Shirt to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is about honoring men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. It is a holiday to commemorate the sacrifices these servicemembers and their families made for their country. Instead of creating a generic patriotic shirt, there are some ways to zero in on the celebration of this holiday specifically.

Honor a fallen loved one

You may know someone, either in your family or a friend, who served in and was killed in the line of duty. You can pay tribute to this person specifically with your custom T-shirt. Put this person’s name somewhere on your T-shirt.  If you had a special nickname for this individual, feel free to use this instead. You can also put “in loving memory” and either the dates they served in the military or the birth and death dates. If you have a photo, contemporary technology allows companies to screenprint a photo onto a shirt.

Honor multiple or all fallen veterans

You could pay tribute to all fallen veterans instead of an individual. This could be done by listing multiple names or by using a phrase, such as “Thank you, veterans.” You could also simply put, “Happy Memorial Day” on the cheap custom T-shirts.

How to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Independence Day is another patriotic holiday that we celebrate during warm months. The day typically includes backyard barbecues, fireworks, and patriotic music.

Honor the date of independence

When designing a custom T-shirt to celebrate the Fourth of July, you could list “July 4th, 1776” somewhere on the shirt to commemorate the date.

Use a more generic phrase

You could also use a more generic phrase, such as “Happy 4th of July!” along with other wording or pictures.

Feature common things that are associated with the holiday

You could also incorporate things that people associate with the holiday. You could have your shirt feature fireworks or sparklers.

Designs for Either Holiday

A similar theme between the two holidays would be the colors you incorporate in the T-shirt. You could use red, white and blue for different elements of the shirt. You can incorporate these colors into the color of the shirt itself, the pictures you use and the font. Consider a base color of red or white and then put darker colors on it.

The United States flag

The flag is an element many companies put on patriotic shirts. You can use an image of the flag for either holiday. Imagine the flag in a wave-like pattern or just a simple rectangle.

Use pictures related to grilling out

You might feature common activities that people do on these holidays. This would include grilling out. If you throw a barbecue or a party to commemorate these occasions, you could also create custom T-shirts for the event to give to your guests or just for the hosts of the party. This would be a fun thing to give to your guests and add fun to your party. Consider words like “Smith Annual Barbecue” followed by the date.

Design Elements

There are many colors to choose from when picking a design for your cheap custom T-shirts. You don’t need to keep with white. Since you’re celebrating patriotic holidays, you could instead use a red or blue T-shirt. It’s important to make sure to pick a font that won’t drown out the rest of the shirt’s design.

Color of the font

Make sure you choose a font color that stands out from the rest of the shirt. You can also change up the font to make it more unique. Choose something that is easy to read so others won’t need to guess at the wording.

Cut of the shirt

Different people like different cuts of T-shirts. Make sure to take into account the recipient’s unique style. If you are giving away shirts at a party or gathering, have some in a variety of styles and sizes so

everyone gets something that fits them well. They are sure to want to wear it again in the future.

Pick comfortable material

It’s important to pick material that is soft and comfortable. You don’t want to put the time into creating a custom T-shirt if it’s not something that you enjoy wearing.

The summer holidays are a fun time to create and wear custom T-shirts. If you take some care in creating these shirts, you can have something as a great keepsake.

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