T-shirts make great promotional tools that increase the awareness of your brand. Creating a cheap custom t-shirt is also a cost-effective way to spread the word about your business. Cheap custom t-shirts are highly visible and make an impression and work like moving Nashville billboards to promote your brand.

Universal Use

Custom t-shirts are so very versatile. People wear tee shirts to go for a run, or to a Nashville gym, people wear tees when they are running errands, or completing chores around their home or just when they sit on their couch and watch TV. Depending on the job some people even wear tee shirts to work. Everyone has a need for a tee shirts. Of all the promotional products out there, custom tees are the one that pretty much appeal to everyone.

Targeted Advertising

Custom printed t-shirts are like other forms of advertising, such as print ads, television commercials and billboards. By putting your message out there customers will see it and be introduced to your brand or reminded of your company. Tees make great promotional products because they are mobile advertisements. A billboard is only viewed by people who pass by. Television commercials are only seen by people who happen to watch when it airs. Custom tees can infiltrate just about anywhere.

Brand Ambassadors

People in your demographic who support your brand enough to wear a custom tee bearing your information probably have friends who also fit your demographic. When a person wears a custom tee shirt they serve as an ambassador for your brand. Caring enough to own and wear a t-shirt is essentially giving an endorsement.

Research shows that people trust the opinions and recommendations of friends and relatives. Wearing a custom t-shirt is a silent recommendation that not only increases the familiarity around your brand, but also shows a level of trust and esteem that customers experience with your brand.

Constant Reminder

People wear t-shirts all the time, and when your customers wear your tee they will get your branding message seen. The marketing value of tees are twofold.

Establish Familiarity

The owner of the t-shirt will remember your brand every time they put the shirt on, do laundry and even when they are looking for something to wear. Your branding message will always be there and it will become familiar.

Spread the Word

When people wear your custom t-shirt they will get your message out there in front of a larger audience. Everyone that person encounters while they wear your shirt will see your branding message. From friends, family, coworkers and even strangers they will all see your logo. They may not know the name of your company or even what you do, but they will become familiar with your brand. That familiarity increases the odds of people doing business with your brand.

Cost Effective Promotional Product

Creating custom tees is inexpensive. The type of shirt and the artwork determine the final cost. For a tight budget tees are a worthwhile investment that will deliver an impressive return on investment. If you are comfortable making a larger investment and opting for more expensive shirts you are still likely to see a return on that expense. Higher quality shirts last longer and therefore deliver more views, or impressions.


Often a company will create custom tees to give away at trade shows or other events. Giving away your custom designed tees proves to be a good marketing investment. People love free stuff, so when you hand out free tees people will be certain to take you up on that offer. As people wear your tee they will promote your brand.

Recoup Your Expense

Many businesses sell their custom designed t-shirts in their brick and mortar shop or online. Selling promotional tees allows you to make back the money you invested along with a profit. People who buy custom tees either really like the design of the tee or they really like your brand, or maybe a combination of both of those things. When you sell tees the people who do wear your shirts show their dedication to your brand.

Turn Your Idea Into Artwork

To create a stunning and memorable custom tee think about your brand and what specifically the shirt will promote. A custom t-shirt can commemorate a particular product or a milestone. Determine the goal and the scope and get busy creating your artwork. Maybe you have an idea, but no graphic design skills or access to design software. Our talented team of designers can lend a hand and take care of the design work for you. We can also provide ideas if you are unsure what direction to take the design.

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