TakeHold Printing specializes in custom screen printed t-shirt, but one aspect that separates us from other screen printers in the Nashville and Hendersonville area is that we print shirts for cheap. We want our customers to know that we have cut cost in order to save them money and make custom, cheap screen printed t-shits a hassle free and simple process.Creating custom t-shirts does not have to be complicated, nor does it need to be expensive. Pricing is based on a few simple details: colors present in the design, t-shirt brand and quantity.
If you are looking to reduce cost, the first place we always suggest is going to be artwork. The majority of time an artwork piece can be reduced to 1-2 colors without comprising the integrity of the overall piece. We also look to reduce the number of locations for artwork. For example, if you want your 4 color logo on the front and a 2 color design on the back, then we might suggest reducing the front and back to 1-2 colors. So often we see artwork that has multiple shades of the same color, in which we will also suggest to unify the piece by making all the blues, reds, greens, etc. the same shade.
Secondly lets think brand. Just like with any other market, we have a high end shirt and a shirt that is more cost efficient. I would estimate that 80 percent of our shirts ordered would be a Gildan G5000, which is a fantastic option for large purchases and modest budgets. This makes printing cheap, custom t-shirts easy and affordable! If you are looking to invest in a higher quality shirt , that option is available too. As stated previously, we have cut cost to make sure that even the top of the line shirt is affordable too.
Lastly, one way that you can print a cheap, custom t-shirt is by ordering more. The saying is true that less is more, and this happens to apply to screen printing as well. Essentially, the lower quantity shirt you purchase the more expensive the order will be, but as you increase quantity, overall price decreases. We typically start orders at 24 and regardless of the occasion, we always suggest to order more.
TakeHold Printing cannot wait to help you bring your t-shirts to life. In the process of doing so, we offer a printing service that exceeds our competitors not only in service but price too. Interested to see how cheap we can printing your next project? Hop onto our website, takeholdprinting.com, and let us give you a quote. And don’t forget, we offer a coupon special every month, so be sure to check that out too! Have questions regarding anything you heard about in this blog? We would love to hear your thoughts, so email us at info@takeholdprinting.com