Chances are you probably employ multiple marketing strategies to promote your business. Many of them are online and involve social media and Google Analytics. However, there’s something to be said for the fundamentals of advertising. Cheap custom t-shirts are your walking billboard to get the name of your business into the world. If you have an attractive and eye-catching shirt, people will want it. They will also remember the name of your business and make the extra effort to look up your company online. The best way to create a great shirt is to hire a graphic designer. A professional knows best what types fonts and colors to put together to make the most positive impact on those who see it.

Making Your Shirts

Several steps go into designing cheap custom t-shirts for your brand. Follow these steps to make the best use of your advertising dollars.

Include your logo.

The first thing that you need on your t-shirts is your company logo. Your logo can serve two purposes. It grabs attention as well as showcases the name of your company. Your graphic designer will be able to guide you in the design of your logo. It may require a redesign to be effective on a t-shirt. This is an effective way to show off your company.

Include an attention-grabbing graphic or short quote.

If your logo isn’t enough or you want something more eye-catching, you can use other graphics.  Consider using different images to showcase the company and its offerings. These can be compelling, comical, or highly descriptive. They differ from the logo to create more detailed imagery associated with what the company offers.  These types of images can be strategically placed on the front and back of custom t-shirts. The idea is to visually appeal to those who see the shirt, so they remember it – and your business. Your graphic designer can help you think outside the box.

Don’t forget about the back of the shirt.

The back of the shirt can be a perfect place to add additional content. You could use it for an image or list your company’s locations. The back is an additional blank canvas, so don’t dismiss it before weighing the cost of its true potential. Use both sides of the t-shirt for maximum impact.

Use colors.

Color can be your best friend, depending on the hue you use. White t-shirts are rather generic for certain business promotions. Often it is a good idea to work with your graphic designer and your printer to find a viable alternative. The color you choose for your cheap custom t-shirts should complement the colors you use in your logo and printed materials.

Include business contact information.

Try to include your business’s contact information on the shirt if there is room for it. It should also fit with the other motifs you have on the shirt. If this doesn’t make sense, make sure your company’s name is easy to read. It needs to be visible to get noticed. The name of your company should register in the mind of whoever sees the shirt. You want them to remember it so when they are inspired by your design. This encourages people to look up your company. If you can’t fit contact information, consider putting a URL somewhere on the shirt.

Choose a soft and high-quality material for your shirts.

Lastly, make sure you choose the material with comfort in mind. Cheap custom t-shirts are supposed to be comfortable as well as easy to wash and dry. If the material is thin or rough, no one will wear them even if you give them away.

How to Get Your T-Shirts Out Into the World

Give away your cheap custom t-shirts using a few tactics. This is where your investment in your t-shirts comes into play the most.

Give them to your employees.

The first people to get these shirts are your employees. Give them away for free and let them wear them if you have casual Friday at your office. This will get more people to wear them, and then they will be seen wherever your employees go that day.

Give them to your customers.

You could offer them free with qualifying purchases or you could have a contest to give them away to customers. It’s also a good idea to bring them to any trade shows that your company participates in and give them away for free there as well. Sponsoring a local sports team is another way to get your business name on t-shirts many people will see.

Sell specialty shirts.

Once your company is established, you could then begin to think about selling the shirts. You want to start out giving them away for free, but eventually, you may look into selling specialty or limited-edition shirts. This adds value to your t-shirts and your company.

T-shirts continue to be one of the most effective ways to market all types of business. Consult with a graphic designer today to create cheap custom t-shirts that help get your business recognized.

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