More than 80% products are sold on Easter as compared to other holidays. Everyone likes something new to celebrate the holiday and spring season. Companies also find a great opportunity to sell more on Easter. And that is the reason we see too many sales on shopping malls and other online sites during this season. It’s an ideal time to design cheap custom tees for Easter business promotions in Nashville. 

Cheap custom tees for Easter can help boost your business if done right. Below are some recommendations on how you can design interesting shirts for Easter. 

Choose Enticing Spring Colors

First, you have to choose an appealing color for your Nashville business promotional shirts. Consider various shapes and designs that reflect your business logo and seasonal marketing goals.  Images of eggs, flowers, bunnies, and other springtime favorites are ideal for this holiday.

Pastel colors are popular for Easter and springtime. If your logo uses dark colors, try to find complementary pastel versions to bring a fresh feeling to your cheap custom tees.  Consider pale yellows, light blues, pastel pinks,  and shades of green.

Select a Comfortable Fabric

Fabrics make a difference when it comes to design custom tees. Cotton and blends of cotton with polyester are washable, wearable, and comfortable. Select a light fabric for the spring, as the weather heats up quickly in Nashville.

Also, the fabric should feel soft and be breathable. T-shirts with cotton are always preferable as the weather heats up. If the shirt feels and looks good, it will become an advertisement for your business beyond the Easter season.

Choose the Right Shape

There are two choices for this. You can design a shirt that is fitted loosely or you can design a fit shirt. The shape should be aligned with your target market.  And it should fit into their lifestyles.  Do they wear tees to work, or the local park? Would they prefer a trendy short tee or a cozy long one? Teens often like shorter t-shirts while the older generation wants something a bit longer.

If your target market is comprised of health buffs, a tight-fitting shirt will sell well. But if you are targeting family-oriented customers, the loose-fitting will be the right option. Have a variety of sizes available so people can choose what they prefer. For example, an oversize tee often makes a terrific nightshirt. And if it winds up at a sleepover, it will be a promotion for your business!

Create a Unique Design

Your shirt should have unique designs. People easily get tired of common designs, especially those that have been trending for years. Create designs that that customers of different ages and walks of life can relate to and enjoy wearing.

Everyone has a different choice so always prepare designs that fit the culture. Just keep the colors balanced with the designs. Use contrast as colors could make or break customers’ decisions.  And colors also inspire emotions, such as greens and pastels that bring your thoughts to springtime fun.

Finally, dare to be original and bold. Catchy slogans about Easter and spring make your business more memorable. If your target market appreciates humor, add a whimsical touch to your tees. If they prefer a meaningful statement, develop something compelling. And give tees out during Easter and spring events, such as eggs hunts and jellybean counting. 

Let our professionals help you design the right tees for Easter and springtime promotions. From tulips and softballs to ladybugs and trees, there is a myriad of options that are sure to reflect the preferences of your target market. 

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