St. Patrick’s day is a holiday that few people in the United States understand, but most love to celebrate it. After all, who would pass up the opportunity to drink beer and eat delicious food while showing off your green apparel and spending time with friends? It’s the ultimate proof that Americans love to have a good time. It has an added benefit for businesses which can capitalize on this fun-loving atmosphere. Before and on St. Patrick’s Day, bars and restaurants can use cheap custom tees to promote themselves to potential customers, which helps these businesses out in a multitude of ways.

Increase Customer Engagement by Wearing Green

Cheap custom tees are one such promotional tool, which can increase customer engagement and be modified to fit any occasion – including St. Patrick’s Day.

Symbolizing Business and the Occasion

These items of clothing can be custom printed to represent anything you’d like, including your bar or restaurant’s logo, as well as special images and colors symbolizing the occasion. You can then use them in a variety of ways, but the most basic is handing them out to customers before and on St. Patrick’s day, especially during bar and restaurant promotions. This strategy has several advantages, starting with the customers that receive the shirts, who will be more motivated to come back if they feel like they have received special attention from your establishment.

A Lasting Advertisement

Furthermore, the custom tees have an impact that extends beyond just the people who receive them, as these individuals will likely wear them in other locations where more people will see the design and learn about your business. This extends to other purposes such as having your employees wear the shirts while they are at work, which spreads the message you are trying to send beyond just the customers that receive shirts individually.

Specialty Cocktail Promotions

A creative way that you can get people engaged with your bar or restaurant by using customized tees is by promoting specialty cocktails that you have created in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s All in the Name and Timing

From “Shamrock Juice” to the “Irish Flag,” mixed drinks are an exciting way to mark the occasion while bringing even more customers who are attracted to the unique options available on this day alone. People are more willing to buy something if they don’t think they’ll be able to get it again sometime in the future, and this rule perfectly applies to specialty drinks offered on holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day. When people are out with friends, they will spend freely on these one-of-a-kind concoctions in a way that they wouldn’t on regular beer that they can get anytime.

Making a Connection 

As a result of this connection, a great opportunity for bars and restaurants is to use custom tees to promote these specialty drinks, creating a novelty shirt that feels special for the person that receives it, rather than just generic. These shirts will bring the wearer back to the place where they got it, which in this case is your bar or restaurant. Furthermore, they will be reminded of the special feeling they had when they were sipping on green martinis in your establishment on a fun holiday with their friends – which is likely to encourage them to go back another time.

Slogans and Irish Images

There are many ways that you can get creative with custom tees for your bar or restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day, such as coming up with cool art and slogans that represents the day as well as your own business.

Be Unique

When designing, you’ll want to avoid too many tropes like four-leaf clovers and leprechauns while also making sure to evoke the unique nature of the holiday. Whether this means using a lot of green or displaying the colors of the Irish flag, you have many choices that you can incorporate your own logo or slogan into. Ultimately, you want to make the design something unique that people can remember and use to commemorate the event that they experienced.

Cheap Yet Effective 

Best of all, custom printed tees are a relatively inexpensive way to promote your business, especially when compared to printed advertisements or other marketing methods. The shirts themselves cost very little, and the print services is made to minimize costs in order to make sure that the advertising value outweighs the price of manufacturing the apparel.

And at the end of the day, the benefits you will gain by attracting customers (and retaining them in the months and years to come) who experience your bar or restaurant during St. Patrick’s Day will far outweigh the costs.

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