Everyone loves their pets. For many people, a beloved dog or cat becomes a part of the family. That’s what makes it so devastating when that pet is lost. Whether or not your pet is eventually found, feelings of panic, loss and anger arise whenever a dog or cat goes missing. Losing a pet is not as uncommon as you may think. A study conducted by the ASPCA found that 15 percent of all households lost a dog or a cat in the past five years, and 85 percent of those pets ultimately returned to their owners. Cheap custom tees can help you find a lost pet and rescue other pets.

Finding a Lost Pet

These are pretty good odds, which just goes to show that pet owners do everything they can to try to find their lost animals.

Ways to Do It

People put up flyers all around town, post ads on the internet and scour the local animal shelter for any indication that their lost dog or cat may have turned up somehow. Of course, it helps if the animal is microchipped. In more cases than not the extensive searching, community involvement and support of local agencies helps return the lost pet to its home and loving owner. Your pet’s face on cheap custom tees is a constant announcement to find your beloved fur baby.

Shelters and Adoptions

However, sometimes lost pets unfortunately stay lost. Each year, thousands of lost pets end up at animal shelters around the country. They may get there because they were found wandering the streets after getting lost or running away from their owners. Pets may have been confiscated from a home with poor living conditions.

Finding a Loving Home 

No matter the reason, these pets are placed in the shelter with the hope that they will be adopted into loving homes. In many places, especially in large cities, those that are not chosen will eventually be euthanized due to a lack of space and resources. Many people don’t want this to happen to any dogs or cats that could make great pets if only given the chance, which is why pet lovers choose to adopt.

Benefits of Adoption

There are many other benefits to adoption. The best reason is that you can find your forever companion and beloved pet from among the many animals held in cages at the shelter. In addition, you can help save an animal from a life on the streets or give it a home once again if it is missing domestic life.

A Better Life for Fido or Morris

Shelters also rescue many animals from abusive or neglectful homes, so you can feel like you are making a difference in the life of at least one animal by adopting. Furthermore, adopting an animal helps ease the strain on animal shelters that are usually understaffed and underfunded. Adopting from a shelter can stop the terrible conditions in many animal breeding centers (such as puppy or kitten mills) by boycotting these industries and adopting instead.

Order Cheap Custom Tees

No matter the reason, if you’ve decided to adopt a pet, chances are you’re thrilled to welcome this new member of your family into your home. If this is the case, one of the most creative methods to welcome a pet is by printing cheap custom t-shirts that introduce your pet to the humans in your life. A custom T-shirt commemorates the adoption.

Proud of Your Pet

Custom printed t-shirts can be made quickly, cheaply and efficiently. Best of all, you can add your own images to create a wearable souvenir that will last long into the future. To create a t-shirt that celebrates your new pet, add a picture of your newly adopted dog or cat. Add some whimsical comments to show them some love, such as “You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.”

Everyone Will Want One 

You can then distribute the t-shirts to your family and friends. Especially if they have a cute image of your new pet, people want to wear them to celebrate along with you and also to show off how adorable your new dog or cat is. Have your family members wear the T-shirts when you celebrate the adoption day every year on the anniversary of the adoption.

More Pets Can Get Adopted

A custom t-shirt has the added benefit that you promote the importance of rescuing an animal instead of buying it from a breeder. Your family and friends wear the t-shirts in public, and then everyone who sees the shirts knows the value of adopting a loving pet. The t-shirts gain more exposure for your cause of pet adoptions, even though you just love having your dog or cat as a member of your family.

These t-shirts can also bring your family together around its newest member. These shirts help you remember a time when your pet was young and still getting to know you (perhaps even as a puppy or kitten!). Many years later, you’ll get to wear this t-shirt and come back to this memory, even as a memorial to your cherished pet in the future.

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