We recently printed some t-shirts that looked phenomenal; however, there was a bit of color confusion when the customers picked up the shirts. The shirt order was a upper level pink shirt with pink and black writing on the front and back. Easy enough on our part; we sent the mock-up and the customer approved. However, when the customer came to pick up the shirts, the pink ink that was used on the shirt was not the pink that he had envisioned in his mind. How do we rectify this color confusion and alleviate the problem with color matching? Here are a few ways that we can help you out with color matching:

We suggests that our customers come in and look through our standard color guide that we use. This is a sheet that allows you to see, first hand, what the ink color will look like. For example, you might think you want magenta on a pink shirt; however, upon reviewing our standard color guide you may notice that magenta is actually too red and not enough pink. Then what should you do? We suggest that our clients pick another ink color that we have. We can also mix colors together to create the perfect shade that you need.

Another option that we suggest for our customers is providing us with a pantone color number. We also recommend that customers use our pantone matching color system (PMS) and then give us the number so that the ink is perfect and meets your expectations. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied so it is important that keep an honest dialog with our clients and our clients tell us exactly what they have in mind. We ask our customers to communicate every need and detail that they might have!

Our desire is to alleviate any color confusion that might incur during the printing process, because we want to make sure that the customer is ultimately satisfied with the ink color. If you have any questions regarding ink color or our pantone matching color system (PMS), please do not hesitate to contact us at 615.943.1402 or email us at takeholdprinting.com