A custom tee a great way to spread awareness and recognition of your football team while also generating school spirit and team unity. Creating a fun and catchy shirt will foster a feeling of team identity and strengthen the bonds between players, coaching staff and fans. Learn how you can create custom designed and cost-effective uniforms for team members, parents and fans that encourage team spirit.

Custom Team Tee Shirts Are Great for Any Level or Organization

Custom designed tee shirts are perfect for middle or high school, college, camps or rec leagues. Any organized football team can benefit from wearing tee shirts that feature the team name and colors. Whether worn during games, to practice or worn by team members leading up to a game there are lots of opportunities to show team pride.

Usefulness of Team Uniforms

Uniforms serve a practical purpose. With multiple players on a field contrasting uniforms make it possible to easily identify which athletes are on which teams. This helps players, officials, and spectators recognize the teams. Matching, high-quality uniform shirts also create a sense of consistency and show that the team as a whole is serious and dedicated to the success of their club.

Versatile Uses of Team Shirts 

Custom printed tee shirts are ideal for a variety of uses. Players and coaches can wear their custom shirts during practice or games to foster a sense of unity. Fans and parents can also wear custom printed shirts to show support for their favorite team.

Create a Bond of Identity and Unity 

Matching custom football tees create feelings of unity and camaraderie. When everyone on a team is wearing the same shirt, it is a visual reminder that everyone is connected and working together as a team. This will improve morale and create solidarity. Football team tees make it clear that everyone from the starters to assistant coaches is part of the same team with the same goal.

Football Tees Can Be Used as Uniforms

For camps, club teams and rec leagues custom football tee shirts can be used as a uniform. It is a cost-effective way to outfit a team in matching uniforms. It will elevate the feeling of being a team and create an identity.

Create Practice Jerseys 

For school sponsored teams custom printed tees are an excellent way to show solidarity off the field. Custom tees can be worn in the weight room or on the practice field. Create shirts using the same artwork, or screen, but featuring different color shirts. This makes it easy to divide up the players into practice teams to play scrimmages.

Show Team Pride on Game Day

Team members and coaching staff can even wear their football team tees on game day to get everyone ready and in the right mindset going into a game. This will reinforce the team mentality off the field.

Use Custom Tee Shirts as a Uniform for Coaching Staff

Create a consistent look on the sidelines by creating custom printed team tee shirts featuring the logo and team colors for the coaching staff to wear. This will extend the unity and solidarity shared by players to the sidelines. It will also help foster the feeling that everyone is in it together and on the same team.

Give Fans a Way to Back Their Team

Custom printed football team tee shirts are also a great way for parents, friends, and fans to show their support on the game day and beyond. You can print extra shirts that match the player’s practice shirts or the coaching staff shirts for fans. If you want to mix things up a bit, you can use the same screen to print fan shirts, but use alternating ink and shirt colors. You can also create a shirt using similar, but still different artwork just for fans.

Fundraise for Your Team

Team tee shirts are also a great way to raise money for a team. Sell shirts that bear the team logo in the team colors. Parents and fans can purchase the shirts to help raise money for the team while also showing their team pride and school spirit.

Create Custom Designed Football Tees

Submit unique artwork for your custom designed football team tee shirt, and we can make your vision happen. Our design team can lend a hand with revisions and even create project ideas for your review to make sure your shirts come out perfect. When you work with us, you will also enjoy free setup and free delivery for added convenience.

Get Your Shirts Quickly

At Takehold Printing we can turn around orders in five to seven days once the artwork and layout are approved. This means you can quickly have your custom made shirts featuring your artwork printed and ready to go for the big game.

Show Your Team Spirit

Team uniforms are important to identify teams and encourage team spirit and morale. Design football tees for team members, coaches, parents and fans to show team and school spirit and unity.

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