High school is a special time in any young person’s life. These formative years happen when kids get to participate in a variety of activities and create lasting memories and friendships. There are many events such as football games, proms, dances and graduation that kids will remember forever. Custom t-shirts are a great way to celebrate these events and help them remember these occasions for years to come. Consider how many events happen during high school and how many create long-lasting impressions on teenagers. Every event has a chance for you to create cheap customized t-shirts for that occasion as a way to promote school spirit and celebrate these years in the kids’ lives.

How to Make Appealing T-shirts

It’s important to create shirts that will appeal to the kids. This can be done in a variety of ways.


White t-shirts may be less expensive, but they are also boring. You need t-shirts that appeal to a variety of kids, and that means splashes of color. By offering a variety of colors, teenagers are more interested in the shirts themselves. This gives them the opportunity to pick their favorite colors for a more unique shirt. Picking favorite colors also means a more emotional connection to the garment.

Fun Fonts

In addition to adding color to the shirts themselves, you can also play with different font colors. The font should stand out against the shirt. By adding stylistic choices for fonts, your teen can make the shirts more interesting.

Variety of Sizes

Shirts must come in a variety of sizes so as not to exclude anyone from purchasing them. Teenagers want to feel included, and offering a large range of sizes makes everyone feel welcome to buy them.

Many Styles

Teenage girls and teenage boys like different styles. Some styles are more flattering to different genders and body types. Girls will probably want different cuts of shirts than the boys will. Girls may go for closer cut shirts and boys may want more straight styles. Offer V-neck shirts for those who may prefer that style, but then crew neck shirts for other styles.

High School Events That Deserve Custom T-Shirts

There are plenty of high school events in a teenager’s four years that deserve custom t-shirts. These are just a few of them.

Homecoming Football Games

Football games are a big deal to many kids in high school. You have the players, cheerleaders, band, spirit squads and fans in the stadium. Add the homecoming atmosphere, and it’s a celebratory game all around the stadium. Create cheap customized t-shirts with the school mascot and name on them to promote school spirit at this time. There is no bigger game than homecoming. Create cheap customized t-shirts for everyone to wear to the game, and each shirt includes the date and both team names. Another option is to make t-shirts after the homecoming game, preferably if the school won, that feature the score. This can be a special keepsake for years to come.

Group Shirts

There are many different groups and activities that a child may participate in during the high school. Custom t-shirts represent a fantastic way to make teens feel like they are a part of a team. Consider shirts for a band, choir, orchestra or athletic team. If a student participates in drama, not only can you produce a drama t-shirt for the class, but you could design a shirt for each play that students participate in throughout the year. If a group goes on a special trip to perform somewhere, this also warrants a special shirt. There are many different ways to encourage students to feel pride for the school and the activities that they excel in thanks to t-shirts.


Homecoming dances and proms are also huge milestones in a teenager’s life. Try creating custom t-shirts in celebration of these events. Give students the option of placing pictures on the shirts from these events to personalize the event even further. These photos on shirts are a great keepsake for students who attended different dances. Every dance has a theme, and that’s a great way to make these shirts unique to a particular dance. Design the shirt with that theme in mind for that particular dance, coupled with photos of people who attended. Don’t forget to include the date of the dance.


Graduation is the ultimate milestone in everyone’s life at high school, and a cheap customized t-shirt with the year of the graduating class is a fantastic going-away gift for everyone. While students sign yearbooks, leave space for signatures on the shirt itself. Signatures create an extra-special shirt that someone may get much more use out of than a yearbook.

For your graduating seniors, a custom t-shirt is a great gift. This way, they remember the years they spent in high school and the pride that they had in their school.

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