Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to think about gifts for your special someone. There are many ways to commemorate the occasion, and many of them involve a degree of extra creativity. Instead of relying on the old clichés, such as flowers and candy, why not try something new this year? A custom T-shirt can make a great addition to your Valentine’s Day gifts. It shows that you put some additional thought into the holiday. A custom T-shirt can be a great way to show someone you care or that you remember them. You have several reasons to create and order custom tees for Valentine’s Day.

A Unique Gift

Many people adhere to the traditional flowers and chocolates when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Offer up something different for your special someone by designing a T-shirt with your sweetie in mind. Make it more special by taking his or her interests and passions to heart during the design process.

Show You Care

This not only shows that you remembered Valentine’s Day, it also shows how much you care about your special someone. Designing a custom T-shirt shows that you put in more effort than just stopping by the grocery store on your way home from work that day. It shows that you care enough to plan the holiday out ahead of time.

Creating a Keepsake

In your design, include a date that means something to the both of you. This will not only make it a valuable Valentine’s Day keepsake, but a keepsake that can be worn throughout the entire year. Take into account several other design elements that make your T-shirt more special between the both of you.

An Important Date

You can include an important date on the T-shirt, such as your wedding anniversary, the day you met or the birth of your child or children. This will add another level to the shirt instead of it just being specific to Valentine’s Day.

Song Lyrics

Take a few lyrics from the song you danced to at your wedding and put it on the shirt. This will make the shirt more meaningful and sentimental. If there’s another song that means something to your relationship, you can use that one instead.

Special Quote

Is there a quote that makes you think about your significant other? You could use that quote on the shirt. Maybe there’s a part of your vows that you remember and want to include. Maybe there’s a quote about love that reminds you of your love. There are many options that you can use here that will make your significant other feel special.

Two Shirts Or More Are Better Than One

There are many options when it comes to couples’ custom tees. You could have one shirt say, “Mrs.” and one say, “Mr.”  You could also have a nod to your children and focus more on that. This could be one that says, “Mama Bear” and one that says “Papa Bear.”

Favorite Hobbies

If you both enjoy sports, you could design your T-shirts with that in mind. One shirt could say, “together” and the other say, “since.” Then the numbers combined show what year you have been together since. For instance, “20” on one and “07” on the other one to show “2007.”

Include the Kids

Not only spouses can be valentines. Maybe you want to design something for your child or children instead. This could be something like, “My first Valentine’s Day” or something like, “Mommy’s little Valentine.”

What About Fido or Kitty?

You could also design a shirt for your pet that features a candy heart. Be sure to include a dog or cat pun on this shirt. Or you can feature a pic of your pet on a Valentine’s Day shirt for yourself and others.

More Ideas

Go beyond that special someone and use Valentine’s Day to support causes, promote your business, and more.

Anti- or Pro-Valentine’s Day

Maybe you’re not in a relationship right now. You could create a sassy anti-Valentine’s Day shirt to wear, such as, “Love Stinks” with the picture of a skunk. Take your wry humor to a new level. You could also create a pro Valentine’s Day shirt. Express love in general with your T-shirt for the holiday.

Promote a Cause

Another kind of shirt you can create is one promoting a cause such as breast cancer awareness. There are tons of charities that need help at any time of year.

Promote a Business

You can also gear a shirt toward supporting a specific business. This could be your own business or just one that you have a love for.

And there are many options when it comes to color choices. If you want something that is obviously Valentine’s Day related, stick to white, pink and red. You can play with both the shirt color and the colors on your graphics to achieve the combination that you’re looking for. Consider the creative range of choices when it comes to designing custom tees. Holidays such as Valentine’s Day offer a great time to showcase this unique kind of gift.

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