August 28, 2020

Custom Church Event T-Shirts

Churches are finally back open and you know what that means…. events are starting to finally open back up. This means that custom screen printing and embroidery are a huge need for churches and for big events happening THIS year. As a church, it is crucial to have events for people to come to and feel connected with their community.

One huge way that people can feel connected with other people is when there is a big event with a bunch of custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel. The matching brings a sense of unity and helps people all feel as one. This also allows the church to create fun new designs and to bring advertisement for Sunday services or even future events. When someone sees a bunch of people in the community wearing matching t-shirts from a church event, more than likely they are going to want to be apart of that church or event. 

Here at TakeHold printing we offer customized screen printing and embroidery to meet all of your apparel needs. We offer a variety of t-shirt brands and styles that will get you the exact shirt and style that you are wanting. We offer affordable brands, and we also offer premium brands. We have a variety of styles and weights in each brand, too. Here at TakeHold customized screen printing, we offer a wide variety of colors for you apparel. We also want to make sure that you art ideas or designs are depicted perfectly on your apparel. We offer free art help to help you design customized apparel to support and promote your brand. 

Here at TakeHold customized screen printing and embroidery, we get orders completed typically within a week. We want every customer to be fully satisfied with their order and the community to respond to your event. When the community sees your church’s event shirts around town, everyone will be wanting to visit your church and the events that you host. This is a good way to reach people in your community and advertise your church events. 

Call us today for an estimate or to place an order. We would love to help get you church the shirts you need for your next event. We are located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just right outside of Nashville. Call us at 615.943.1402

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