Planning a family reunion requires a lot of work, planning, and coordination. The end result is completely worth it. Getting everyone together can be fun and exciting and help remind everyone about the importance of family. If you are coordinating your next family event follow these tips for planning the ultimate family reunion, complete with custom design t-shirts to celebrate and memorialize the occasion.

Establish a Theme

Come up with a theme that can influence the gathering. Plan the entire family reunion around this theme. It can be food related. For instance, if most family members enjoy barbecue and you have some relatives who know their way around a grill, make this the theme. If your family is competitive, consider staging a softball tournament and make that the theme.

Build the Party Around the Theme

When the theme is determined, it is easier for everything else to fall into place. Food, decorations, and activities can be centered around the theme. When relatives ask what they can do to help, let them know the theme and what others have already signed up to do. This will help people determine what they can contribute.

Family Reunion Tee Shirts

Custom design T-shirts are a fun and creative way to commemorate a family reunion. When everyone is wearing matching T-shirts, it creates a sense of unity and togetherness. Custom printed tees also make great souvenirs for everyone to take home.

Create a Custom Design T-Shirt

Create your own shirt design that features your family’s surname, the year, and the location of the reunion. Feel free to include any other relevant info or fun sentiments. Pull design ideas from your theme. You just need to select the colors used for the printing and the tee shirts. We can take things from there. If you need help with design ideas or help creating files, we can lend a hand.

Be Understanding

Not everyone may relate to the theme, so give people space to do their own thing. For example, relatives who have dietary restrictions may not be able to fully partake in a barbecue theme. Relatives recovering from an injury or illness may not want to take the softball field. Be prepared by having other food and activity options available.

Contests and Activities

Activities are a great way to get family members to have a good time and make memories together. You can plan to play lawn games or board games. Contests are a cool option to get people talking and joking. Contests can range from who made the best dessert to which team won the family softball game. Consider special custom design t-shirts for each of the family softball teams to add spirit to the competition.

Time to Catch Up

Set aside time for people to just sit and catch up. Activities and contests are fun and are a good way to people to spend time together. Some relatives will just want to sit and chat. They will want to talk to each other and reminisce and find out what is going on in their lives right now. When planning your family reunion, account for this time.

Stay Organized

It is important to stay organized while planning a family reunion. You need to track who agreed to bring food, who volunteered to take care of grilling, and who will bring games or supplies for different activities. If you have relatives traveling from out of town it is also helpful to track which local relatives have space for overnight guests. It is important to share this info with everyone, so people know what gaps they can help fill.

Take Your Planning Digital

Consider starting a Google doc you can share with everyone or create a Facebook group to keep everyone informed. This may be a challenge for relatives who are not tech savvy, so keep track of those individuals and let them know what is going on with phone calls.

Create the Ultimate Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion can be a lot of work. Finding a time and place where everyone can get together and activities that people will participate in can be a challenge. The work is all worth is when everyone gets together and creates fun memories. Using these tips can make it easy to plan the ultimate family reunion. And remember, custom design t-shirts for everyone in the family make the event a total success!

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