From the perpetual trendiness of SoulCycle to the explosive popularity of Zumba, health-minded people always follow new fitness crazes. Though fitness fans may eventually give up and move on to something else, it’s still worthwhile for physical trainers and gyms to capitalize on what people are into while it lasts. One way to do this is by printing custom designed T-shirts to use for promotional purposes. Custom design tees can help attract customers who appreciate your use of unique marketing methods, and they also help retain customers who become more closely bonded to your business.

Advantages of Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts have several advantages, starting with their value as giveaways for customers and potential customers. Those who already frequent your business appreciate the extra perks that come with it, such as a custom designed shirt. These customers are more likely to stay with your company because they feel like you give them personal attention. People who consider signing up with you, however, may sometimes just need an extra nudge. Handing them a free T-shirt with an appealing design can convince them that you are more attentive and individualized than your competitors.

Advertise Your Fitness Business 

Furthermore, giving out custom T-shirts is a great way to advertise your fitness business. Not only does the T-shirt remind the person who wears it of the services you offer, but everyone who sees the person wearing it learns about your company. This is especially effective if you have a catchy design, and people may even stop the person wearing the shirt to ask them about it!

Creating a Top T-Shirt

There are several things you can do with custom-printed T-shirts that apply specifically to your work as a physical trainer or gym owner to help you achieve the aforementioned goals of this simple marketing campaign.

Promote a Boot Camp

To start, use T-shirts to promote boot camps that your business offers to get people to their desired level of fitness quickly. These boot camps are fun but also challenging. Custom shirts can serve to motivate people who are already enrolled in your boot camp, build a sense of team unity and encourage them to see it through to the end of the program.

Spread the Word About New Fitness Classes

T-shirts can also apply to promoting a new fitness class that you offer, whether it’s yoga, self-defense, Zumba, cycling, running or anything else. Though you always have people who seek out fitness classes on purpose because they are determined to participate, the majority of people find out about them just through seeing advertisements or deciding on a whim that they want to get fit (especially around New Year’s and the onset of summer). This makes creating and spreading custom-printed T-shirts a smart business marketing strategy since you expose as many people as possible to your business. Hopefully, the T-shirts convince a few people to sign up for fitness classes just because they see your shirt and find the inspiration they need!

Let Everyone Know About Fitness Challenges

Capitalize on fitness challenges that are popular today by creating custom T-shirts, whether it involves planking in random places, walking a certain number of steps each day or even running 2,017 miles in 2017 (which is actually less intimidating than it sounds). You can design a fun and creative logo around the challenge, and print the names of customers participating in it on the back of the shirt so that they can feel like you give them individual attention while recognizing that they are part of something larger than just themselves.

Memorialize Special Competitions

Custom T-shirts work for special competitions that your company hosts as these items are a great way to get more people engaged and involved. Give shirts away as prizes, or award them to contestants so they can always remember their participation and success. That way, participants are more likely to come back the next year so they can experience something equally fun.

Cool Workout Gear People Want to Wear

Finally, use T-shirts to help your customers work out by printing custom designs onto their favorite sportswear brands. People can be very selective about what they wear and may choose brands endorsed by their favorite athletes. The good news is that most of these brands have T-shirts that allow you to custom print a design! That way, you can provide your customers with a slightly larger incentive to come back when they put their new workout clothes to good use.

All of these suggestions are just a few of the many ways that you can use custom T-shirts to promote physical trainers and gyms, and they prove how versatile T-shirts can be. Take a look at what we can do for your custom T-shirt needs starting with the design phase until final delivery.

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