School field days represent a great way to get kids outside in the fresh air for a day of physical activities, fun and play time that everyone enjoys. Whether you’re already familiar with field days or are just starting out with the concept of an all-day outdoor fun day, consider all the great ways you can incorporate a unique element into your school’s event — custom design tees that you can use for a variety of purposes.

About School Field Days

For those unfamiliar with this event, a school field day typically entails day at the end of the year held at elementary and middle schools. Field day encourages students to gather outdoors in the school’s main field or athletic facilities and engage in fun physical activities. These activities include obstacle courses, bounce houses, soccer, kickball, dodgeball or touch tag. Students often work together to complete relays or team exercises that challenge them to collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Getting Active Outdoors

Educators and administrators choose to hold field days for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that they get kids out of the classroom. That, in turn, encourages healthy habits like exercising and spending time away from electronic devices. Field days can be a good time to get students on track for the national physical activity guidelines that set the standard for what is a healthy level of exercise.

Sense of Community

Furthermore, field days help build a sense of community by bringing kids, parents, teachers and school administrators together in one day-long event. While kids get to feel like they are a part of a larger family that extends to their entire school and even their district, parents can connect over planning the event and teachers learn how to work together more closely as a collective staff. Field days are a good time to set the foundation for other community activities such as fundraising, activism and lawmaking.

Adding Custom T-shirts 

Custom design tees are an option to offer at field days that many people overlook. However, if you want to elevate your event beyond a typical program — which, although engaging, can get tedious for students, parents, and teachers if it is the same type of field day year after year — custom T-shirts are a great way to bring more people together. Custom T-shirts give your event a special significance that it otherwise may not appear to have. With customized T-shirts, your program won’t be “just another field day. Make it an event that kids and other members of the community look forward to year after year.

Custom Designs at Affordable Prices

Companies can print T-shirts with any logo, wording or design of your choice. Printers then produce the shirts in bulk so that you can distribute them to a large number of people. You can design something of your own or ask someone to design it for you, but either way, you have a large number of alternatives when it comes to printing out a final product that you’re happy with putting on everyone’s backs. Furthermore, custom T-shirts are fairly inexpensive, especially when you order large numbers. That means that you can satisfy all of your students without digging too much into the fairly tight budget that most schools have.

Why use custom T-shirts for field days?

There are several advantages to ordering customized T-shirts to use at your next field day. To start, you can use different colors and designs for each grade, allowing you to build a sense of spirit, solidarity, and competition among the different grades at your school. This allows students in each grade to feel more bonded to each other and to work together more cohesively, while also being more engaged in the field day because they feel a greater desire to make their team proud.

School Spirit

You can also add school spirit to field day T-shirts by inserting your school’s logo or slogan, a relevant picture or even the names of the students (depending on the size of your school). Then, hand them out at the field day to get students excited to be there. T-shirts are also a great option for parents. This can get them in the spirit of volunteering at field day, especially if they have fun T-shirts to show for it. Thus, parents feel like they are part of a community that they want to help.

Make the kids happy by giving out custom design tees as prizes for different games that take place at the event. Prizes can provide motivation for different teams to compete as well as allow them to remember field day long after the actual event is over.

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