Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. The heat of summer has subsided, but the chill of winter is not here, yet. Fall is the perfect time to get out there and spend time with your group through work, school or church, participating in a fun seasonal activity.  Create custom fall t-shirt design for top group outings to make them more fun and memorable.

Benefits of Group Activities

Organized group activities allow people to spend time together outside work or church or whatever organization brings them together. This can make it possible for people to get to know one another and build relationships. Seeing people in a new and different setting can sometimes make it easier for people to connect. Team building activities teach people how to work together and communicate. This type of experience can build trust, respect, and morale.

Get Everyone Matching Custom Fall T-Shirt Designs

Custom printed fall t-shirt designs create a sense of community and unity. When everyone in a group is wearing the same shirt, it sends the message that they are a team and working together. Matching shirts can be particularly useful for groups that have young children or seniors since chaperons can keep the group together and easily get a count if needed.

Create Your Custom T-Shirts

Come up with your design and send us your digital files. We will print your custom designed t-shirts. Your shirt can promote an annual event or just support your group. Include the name of your organization and if you would like the name of the event. If you need help setting up your files, design ideas or anything else our team can lend you a hand. Choose the color of your artwork and the shirts and submit your order.

Find the Right Activity for Your Group

When selecting a group activity find something everyone in the group will enjoy. This can be a challenge, but give it some thought and think about the individuals in your group. Consider everyone’s skill level and how comfortable they would be doing different activities. When in doubt you can ask people in your group what kinds of fall activities and outings they enjoy. If you need suggestions here are five fall outings for groups that call for custom t-shirts.

1. Head Out to an Orchard

Find a nearby apple orchard and go pick apples. This is a great fall activity that gets people outdoors. People in your group can wear their shirts, spend time together, or people can spread out and enjoy time away from the group. Most orchards also have cider and baked goods, so after everyone is done picking apples, they can enjoy some fall treats together. Another perk of apple picking is that everyone can take home some tasty treats.

2. Go For a Hike

Get outdoors and enjoy the scenery as the leaves change colors. Find a local hiking trail that is a good fit for the overall skill level of your group. If your group is on the athletic side, plan to go rock climbing or organize a run. Make sure everyone wears their shirts, pack water, treats and a camera to get snapshots of the stunning fall foliage.

3. Help Out in the Community

Organize an outing for members of your group to rake leaves, pick up litter or do anything else to help beautify your community. You can also coordinate a clothing drive or food drive and arrange for group members to collect donations and deliver the good to a local organization. Check with co-workers or group members for ideas or reach out to nonprofits in your area to see if they need help with any events or projects in the works. Group members can wear their t-shirts when working or collecting donations.

4. Organize a Game of Flag Football

Break everyone into two teams and play a game of flag football. Custom t-shirts can be helpful to identify which people are on each team. Playing a sport together can help teach people teamwork and create a sense of unity.

5. Carve Pumpkins

Get everyone together and go to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. Remind everyone to wear their custom t-shirts. Bring the pumpkins back to your church hall, a classroom, a conference room at the office or any space that is available to your group. Spread out newspaper and carve the pumpkins for Halloween.

Have Fun with a Fall Outing

Whatever activities you decide to do this fall make sure to have everyone in your group wear their custom designed t-shirts. Custom shirts make it easy to keep your group together, and they also create a bond between everyone. Fall themed activities can bring your group closer, alleviate stress and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company.

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