Custom screen printing in the Fall can be quite an adventure; we really have no clue what creative artwork is going to fall into our laps to print. It seems that the transition from warm breezing days to cool nights are upon us, which also leaves our eyes overwhelmed with the breathtaking beauty of Fall weather. The leaves have begun their transition from vibrant green to radiant burst of yellows and reds, which means that sweaters, leggings, and hoodies (don’t’ forget scarves, too!) will soon make their regular appearance into your wardrobe. We wanted to write about something a little different today; three garment options that we offer our customers and pro’s and con’s associated with each.

The first garment that we suggest for custom screen printing in the fall is the Next Level 6021. With a 50% polyester make up and extremely lightweight material, this hoodied shirt is perfect for just about any occasion. Next Level offers this Tri-Blend Long Sleeve Hoody in 10 colors ranging from XS-2XL. Next Levels are considered to be ‘premium’ among the shirt population The downside, at least in my professional opinion, is that Next Level garments are more form fitting than your standard shirt, slightly more expensive and not quiet as economical as its counterpart, Gildan, and they do tend to run a bit smaller in terms of fit.

The second option that we suggest is the Gildan G92500 Premium Cotton Adult Hoodie. This is a great option for everyday wear! One positive remark I will make towards Gildan is about the quality of shirt; it will last forever! This hoodie has a much heavier feel compared to its counterpart, Next Level; however, it will leave you perfectly comfortable during those chilly fall nights! Again, Gildan offers 10 color options for this particular hoodie with colors ranging from sports grey, black, red, and forest green.

Last but not least, the Anvil A71600 is a more ‘hip’ option if you have a client whose younger or into the music scene. This is your go to option for style, because it’s your classic zip up hoodie with a pop of style. Anvil also offers this hoodie in sizes that range from S-3XL with a 10 color swatch option. This hoodie paired with their Adult Ringer Tee (Anvil A923) is a creative and stylish option for any 20 something looking to make it in the music scene.

If these three options for winter wear do not fit your style or budget, then there are multiple options that we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions pertaining to winter weather wear! We are happy to assist with any questions that you might have!