January 4, 2021

Custom Screen Printing for Construction Uniforms

Custom Screen Printing For Construction Uniforms

With buildings, homes, and other infrastructure being developed all across the globe every day, the importance of construction workers cannot go unnoticed. 

There are various elements to being a construction worker but we usually identify them through their unique uniforms! 

But what is it that makes the uniform so important and what difference does custom screen printing make?

Safety and Functionality

Safety is crucial in the construction business. Not only should the uniform help in keeping workers safe, but it should also allow them to move around easily.

That’s why your crew should always have functional, safe, and comfortable uniforms.

Morale Booster

Tiresome, and energy-consuming, construction work can be highly challenging even for the very best. Hence, your crew needs to have their morale high – all day, every day.  This is where custom printed uniform comes in. 

Plus, constantly laboring in harsh conditions outdoors deserves some form of reward, don’t you think? 

Team Spirit

A great uniform inculcates a sense of belonging which not only improves team spirit and promotes company pride but also boosts productivity. 

Representing Your Company

Construction workers are far from invisible. In fact, they are the ones on-site, representing your brand!

This is why a well-dressed crew will project an attractive business image – considering they will always be dressed appropriately - that your company’s work is of the utmost quality. 

Customized Screen Printing For Uniforms

What is the best way for you to combine the mobility aspect of construction uniforms with your company’s representation?

Custom screen printing!

Through custom screen printing, you can have your workwear designed with your company’s name and logo. Whenever in a public setting, your crew would be constant image marketers for your company! 

Gear Into The New Year With Screen Printing

Looking to head into next year with brand new uniforms for your workers to uplift morale and boost productivity?

At Takehold Printing, we specialize in custom screen printing of uniforms for all types of businesses! Whether you are starting a business with custom uniforms or want to transform your brand identity with customized embroidery, we offer it all.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are located in Nashville, TN, and need quality custom screen printing done get in touch with us now! 

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