November 13, 2012

Custom Silk Screen Printing Techniques

Our custom silk screen printing techniques will let you know what we do best. The screen is a mesh stretched tightly over a four-sided frame. The screen is coated with a special emulsion that is sensitive to light in a similar way as photo film. The emulsion is then covered with a transparent film that contains a negative image of the art design. This assembly is exposed to light. This results in the emulsion being removed in only those areas where light could penetrate the transparent film. The emulsion is not removed from the screen in those areas where the transparent film was opaque. In effect, this transfers the art design from the transparent film onto the emulsion-covered screen.  All areas where the emulsion was removed will allow ink to flow through the mesh. But in areas blocked by emulsion, no ink will flow.  It is the flow of ink through the screen that results in the art design being printed onto a garment.

After the screen is prepared for printing, a garment is placed on the press and secured in position. The screen is fitted above the garment and ink is loaded in the screen. The ink is then forced through the open areas of the screen onto the garment below.  This prints one color. If multiple colors are used, then the process above must be repeated for each color while keeping them in proper registration.

After a garment is completely printed, it is put through a drying process. This involves a conveyor where air is heated to 320-degree and blown over the ink to cure it. TakeHold suggests that you wash all printed shirt turned inside-out in cold water because it will insure the life of the print.


These simple steps can help save you time and help us better price your project.
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