Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but there is still plenty of time to secure memorable and unique promotional items. Valentine’s Day is generally considered a made-up holiday, but the commercial implications and demand for love themed items are substantial. Here are some creative ideas to create custom tee shirts that align with Valentine’s Day.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Custom design a unique tee shirt that features a Valentine theme. From the shirt color to the artwork the entire design should reflect the theme. The shirt can promote your business and give your customers the opportunity to express their love of your brand or commemorate an upcoming event or fundraiser.

Get the Word Out About Your Business

Promote your business with a Valentine’s Day theme by altering your logo to include hearts or a cupid’s arrow or something reminiscent of the occasion. Simply switching from your regular colors to reds and pinks can help set the tone. Your branding information should still be identifiable. Customers should be able to recognize your brand, but also enjoy the fun aspects of the Valentine’s inspired design.

Universal Appeal of Apparel

Custom tees make excellent promotional products or gifts because they are versatile. A tee given to staff, sold to customers or simply handed out to promote your business can be worn to run errands, workout or just relax around home. The casual nature makes tee shirts useful and comfortable. The more comfortable a shirt is the more it will be worn and the more exposure it will give your brand.

Long Term Commitment

Typical Valentine’s Day items have a short lifespan. Candy, flowers and greeting cards leave an impression, but the response is fleeting. Tee shirts are designed to last a while. Custom shirts will last for months and possibly even years and promote your brand for that entire time. Even as the theme is no longer relevant people will still wear your custom shirt and continue to expand the reach of your brand.

Create Something From the Heart

If you have an idea along with the design skills and software necessary simply create your artwork and send it in. If not, our design team is at the ready to help you create the ideal design to showcase your message.

Valentine’s Day Promotions

In order to get the most value from your custom tees you need to get them to your employees or customers. Put these clever ideas to use to distribute your themed tees to show the love and promote your business.

Think Outside the Traditional Love Theme

Depending on who your intended recipients are you may want to take a route different than the traditional romantic theme. For example, if the shirts are gifts for employees or volunteers the theme can be love for the work you do. For instance, at an animal rescue or veterinary office the design inspiration can be a love of animals.

Event Gear

If your business is hosting or participating in an event on or around February 14 your staff can wear the custom shirts, or your custom tees can be handed out as promotional items. Custom tees make great employee uniforms and help attendees identify staff. Tee shirts are sought after takeaways that customers will want to get their hands on.

Support a Cause

Custom tees that promote your business can be sold with the proceeds going to support a cause. This is a great way to generate interest while encouraging customers to support a cause and make a purchase. Customers like to do business with organizations that support social causes. Simply doing good can help sway an individual’s purchasing decision and also collect money for a worthwhile organization.

Use Your Tee Like a Coupon

Create custom tees that are available for customers to purchase. Run a promotion where customers who come to your brick and mortar business wearing your custom tee receive a percentage off their purchase. The discount offer will entice customers to purchase and wear your shirt. The more customers wear your shirt the more they promote your brand. This promotion is unique and will likely generate interest from other customers and help spread the word about your business and your custom tees. The exposure your customers will provide your business will make the discount worth it.

Create a Competition

Host a friendly competition on the big day and your custom tees can be the prizes. Get on social media and ask your followers to share what makes their Valentine the best or explain why the products or services your company offers make great Valentine’s Day gifts. Pick the winners and send them their very own custom tee shirts. A competition is an opportunity to engage with customers and followers and help promote your brand via the custom promotional tee shirts.

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