With gift giving season coming up in the fast lane, what better time to think about custom-made T-shirts for every occasion? The team at TakeHold Printing can help you with some excellent customization for every gift-giving occasion. We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Nashville. 

Custom T-shirts for The Holidays

Do you remember when you were a child and you hated to get clothes for Christmas? That isn’t particularly so anymore. I can tell you so many children and even adults who love to get personalized T-shirts! You can really show how well you know a person when you get them a suitable design that speaks to their inner self. 

There are so many designs you can come up with that will pertain to each individual. If your family does a gift exchange where you won’t know who will get your gift, you can still choose something that is a popular design. Everyone loves to receive personalized gifts. 

Graduation Gifts

Choosing an inspirational quote is always a popular idea with any type of graduation. You can add a picture or design if you want to. It isn’t always necessary, though, if the quote is a longer one. 

If you have a high school student going off to college, customized T-shirts can help them break the ice. You can come up with a witty slogan for a real conversation starter. Most students love any type of T-shirt. 

New Baby

Popular in recent years is having your baby a newborn nightgown or bodysuit made with their name. Some have even done a gender reveal parties using apparel to make the statement. Customized baby items are always a wonderful gift that can be treasured long after being outgrown. 

T-shirts aren’t the only thing that can be personalized. What about a diaper bag? Customizing a diaper bag not only makes a great gift but it also helps it to stand out. 


There are always choices for birthday gifts that include customized T-shirts! Commemorate a child’s special day with their age and name on their shirt for their party. When they are older, they will have all their T-shirts and see maybe what the theme was for that year. What a fun way to remember your birthday. 

Mother’s Day 

You can see advertisements all the time for shirts made for mothers and grandmothers. They always have a cute saying with the names of the children and grandchildren. You can design your own, one-of-a-kind T-shirt and make it extra special. Add some pictures with the names for a super fun design idea. 

Some shirts that have been popular include:

  • “Mama Bear” with cubs
  • Mom/grandmother sports shirts
  • Hashtag mom shirts
  • And more…

Your mother or grandmother will love her custom-designed gift. 

Call Us for Your Custom Designs

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, give TakeHold Printing a call. We are happy to help with all your custom design T-shirts and apparel. There is a design for any occasion. Call us today and we will get started on your custom order!