Finding the balance between efficient and cost-effective fundraising can be a struggle. Social fundraising may hold the solution as it typically requires little upfront investment, and the payout can be substantial. Learn how effective Nashville fundraising includes custom tee shirt printing. Discover ways to spread the word about important causes with custom tees.

Spread Awareness with Social Fundraising in Nashville

Social fundraising is the process of using your network to raise money for a cause. The goal of social fundraising with custom tee shirts is to get as many people as possible wearing your custom designed tees. The more people wearing the shirts, the more exposure the cause will receive. The more exposure the cause receives, the more custom tees will be sold, which will raise more money and increase the size of the network supporting the cause.

Have a Contest to Design Custom Tees

Start out by organizing a contest for employees or customers or members of the public to design a custom tee shirt to raise awareness for your cause. Collect entries and let people vote for the best design that will be printed on a shirt. Share the entries online and let your followers cast a vote to help determine the winning design. When you have a winner, or maybe even the top three picks, have those designs printed on t-shirts.

Set the Rules for the Contest

At the start of the contest let people know the file requirements for the artwork. Files need to be .ai, png or jpeg files. If there are specific colors or a theme share this info, so people can be sure to feature it in their designs. The artwork should be eye-catching and explain the cause you are supporting. If you need help setting up files or if you have questions about custom tee shirt printing, our team can help.

Get People Excited

Engaging with your network from the start with a contest and vote will get people interested and excited for the finished tees. Creating interest will encourage people to learn more about the cause and become educated on the topic. When people have this understanding, they will be more likely to offer their support. Use this interest to accept pre-orders for shirts. This info can be helpful in determining how many shirts to order, and it will create a sense of anticipation.

Cost Effective Fundraising

Sell the custom designed shirts to raise money. Be clear that a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the cause. Another option is for your company or organization to donate the money to purchase the tees, and all of the proceeds from the sale will go to the cause.

No Limits on Fundraising

The size of the organization hosting the fundraiser has typically determined the success of the fundraiser. Bigger organizations have a bigger reach and more resources, so this translates into more money raised. Social fundraising turns that model upside down. When employing social fundraising the size of the social network matters. Research has found that the donors get on board based on the size of the social fundraising network, not the size of the organization hosting the fundraising.

Grow Your Network

Start out by having your employees wear the custom tees. Make shirts available for sale in your storefront or office or through your website. Eventually, as people see employees wearing the custom tees, people will want to get their own. As the shirts get out into the community and people see them more people will come forward and want to get their custom tee to support a great cause.

Take Your Social Network Online

Have an online presence on social media to increase awareness around the cause and the t-shirts. Have people upload pictures of them wearing the custom shirt to increase awareness and support. Make sure to include information on how to buy shirts in your profile, so people who come to the site can pitch in and buy a shirt of their own.

Keep the Momentum Going

If you find success with custom designed t-shirts for a cause, create additional styles. When new designs come out supporters will want to pick up the new shirts and contribute to the cause. Come out with new designs to commemorate milestones associated with fundraising or to help highlight issues related to the cause. Be careful not to overdo things. If you come out with new designs too frequently your network may not be able to keep up, and this could hurt fundraising efforts.

Spread the Word With Social Networking

You have a network of customers, employees, vendors and more, put these people to work fundraising for a cause. Custom tees will spread the word about your cause and will get your message in front of a wider audience. The shirts work like advertisements and will raise awareness for the cause. When people wear your custom tees, this will raise awareness and encourage others to get their shirts and support the cause.

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