November 6, 2020

Custom Thanksgiving T-Shirts

Thanksgiving time is almost here. We are a quarter of the way through November, and it seems like 2020 is almost over! Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends can gather together, eat a feast, and be reminded of all of the reasons that they are thankful. One great benefit of having everyone in the family together on Thanksgiving is the fact that you can take a family picture. Family pictures are great to keep around and look back on in the years to come. 

It also creates the perfect Christmas card, so that you are able to send them out with ample time. Here at Take Hold Screen Printing and Embroidery, we love to make fall shirts to get your family matching on this Thanksgiving holiday. Everyone loves to go to a family event where there is coordination and style mixed into one. 

We offer tons of fall and Christmas colored tees, with a nice holiday design. We have hundreds of brands and styles that can keep your family looking stylish, all while matching at the same time. One of our most popular items is ordering sherpas for a customer, and embroidering the family initials on each sherpa. It is warm, cozy, weather proof, and stylish. It is the perfect combo & its something you can wear all winter long. We also love to do family reunion shirts for families, as they typically all get together around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. We offer custom ink colors to match all the perfect holiday colors that you would be needing.

Call us today to place an order. We are located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. We offer custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies, jackets, and so much more! Call us today at 615.943.1402

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