Advanced technology has made it easy to design and print cool custom tees for Nashville kids’ softball teams. Take advantage of the fact that kids’ softball events are meant not only to conduct sports. It is also an avenue where parents meet and the community joins together for a cause. Having a great shirt design that will stir up conversations and boost your brand as a sponsor of the team. Consider some fun ways to do this and create amazing tees everyone loves.

Slow Down the Design Process

When designing shirts, many people tend to lean towards common designs by focusing on the colors and shapes used. Take the extra time to contemplate your design. Think about the children. If you can, ask the event organizers if the softball games or events are tied to another cause, such as a charity. From there, you can build a design that incorporates both the spirits of sports and charity. 

Sketch your design in draft format then set it aside and work on something else. In a few hours or a day, come back to it and try to create variations. Look at it from the perspective of the children who will wear it. Is it fun? Does it embody the team culture? If not, infuse more creativity into the design.

Test the Design

Many designers only look at the design in a computer and then proceed to print it out. This is a costly mistake. What looks good on a computer might turn out differently in real-life print. One best practice in designing cool shirts is t print the design on a paper in the actual size and pin it on the shirt. Now you can see how the design will turn out once it is printed. If you can afford it, you can also do a test run and print the design on the shirt. 

Essentially, you need to create a mock-up version of the design. Show this to the children and the event organizers and get their opinion. Once a printed sample is available, you can determine if the words are readable. Check if the placement of the logo is accurate and if the print is big enough for the eye to read or too small to see.  And make sure to use the team colors to show uniformity and team spirit! 

Keep the Humor Subtle

Some designs are just too bold, even if they are meant to be cool and whimsical. Bad jokes come across as cheap and silly. Remember that you are designing for kids and they are the people you need to consider as far as humor is concerned. Try to avoid outdated slogans and corny sayings. If you are stumped and do not know where to begin, just go to the source. Talk to kids and ask them for jokes and humorous saying. Let them share the current trends and statements that define their generation.

Many people think designing a shirt is a quick task. While shirts can be printed in a day, the design process requires thoughtful planning. If you want a softball team shirt that stands out, incorporate some innovative ideas. Talk to the kids and parents to get their opinions. Write them down, read them to yourself then brainstorm to design a stellar tee everyone wants to wear! Are you still having trouble coming up with the perfect design? Let our design pros help you create an amazing tee that makes the team feel proud!

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