Running a summer business is a great way to earn some extra money. Whether you’re trying to avoid the typical crunch of less hours during the summer or you simply want to make more money, you have several options. However, trying your hand at entrepreneurship can open a new world of possibilities to you, which is a summer business represents an ideal endeavor. Teens who operate their own summer businesses tend to earn more money than their traditionally employed counterparts. For entrepreneurial-minded youth, a summer business can be the perfect way to flex the entrepreneurial muscle without much risk involved. Custom tees are a great way to advertise your summer enterprise.

Get your information out there

Designing a T-shirt to wear while your work your summer business is a unique way to spread the word about your business and attract new customers. Even though your summer business gives you the opportunity to sidestep the traditional work uniform, inventing one of your own could pay off in more ways than one.

Company name and logo

When you consider your summer business T-shirt design, be sure to integrate your company name and logo. Even a simple block print of your company name – if you don’t want to take the time to create a logo – gets the message across.

If you’re contracted by or associated with a larger organization – like the park you’re vending at or your local public school system you’re tutoring for – ask if you can get a logo template from them to add to your shirt. Putting a well-recognized logo on your T-shirt will get you even more attention.

Contact information

In addition to your name and/or logo, you need to include some sort of contact information so that interested potential clients can get in touch with you. Add a phone number, email address or website where you can easily be reached. Let potential clients know that they can book an appointment with your service or get your one-man vending operation to work an event.

If your business name doesn’t accurately convey the service or product that you offer, include a tagline or simple explanation somewhere on your shirt. If people don’t know what you’re offering, it’ll be difficult to get them to connect with you later on.

Jobs with high visibility

If your summer business offers you high visibility, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to use a T-shirt to communicate that you’re open for business and happy to help. Don a bright green tee to get noticed by cars driving past or wear a neon yellow shirt for patrons to notice you across a crowded beach.

Outdoor jobs

Outdoor jobs are among the most visible since they’ll likely bring you to a nearby yard, neighborhood, or farmer’s market. When you’re highly visible and want passersby to notice the service and products that you offer, letting them know who you are and what you do helps them to decide whether they want to get in touch.

Lawn care

Chances are, your lawn care clients have neighbors. If you want the neighbors to notice the awesome job you’re doing in lawns already in their neighborhood, consider wearing an identifying tee that gives them a way to connect with you. Then you can tell them about your one-time or weekly lawn services.

Car care

If you offer car care, there will likely be pedestrians or drivers who pass by. Some of these people may want to know how you can help them take care of their own car. Include some basic information on the back of your shirt so that potential customers can take note of your company and contact information. This works perfectly for when you’re scrubbing out a tough spot at the time.

Summer vending

Summer vending opportunities, like providing refreshments at the beach or snacks at a Little League game, often require you to be fairly visible. That’s because interested customers can flag you down and purchase what you sell. Wear a brightly colored shirt that clearly conveys you’re open for business and let the customers come flowing right to you.

Color ideas

The colors that you choose for your summer business tees are important. You want to consider bright colors if you want customers to notice you from far away or read your shirt from the next yard over.

If you’re working with another organization or want to have certain colors associated with your brand – green for lawn care, for example – consider using a few different shades for different days. Always give shirts to your assistants and co-workers. Hand out shirts to family members or friends who might be interested in helping you spread the word. After all, what are friends and family for?

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