Create custom tees for your church’s vacation Bible school by printing your own theme and church information on T-shirts in all sizes. VBS shirts help bring the team spirit to your group and provide community awareness of your program and church. Today, we’re going to look at some of the best reasons to include cheap custom tees in your budget for this summer.

Create team spirit

One of the best things about a themed tee for your group or event is that it creates cohesion for members who participate. Nothing brings a team together like matching shirts that show off their participation as a volunteer or attendee in your church’s annual VBS program.

Choose church colors

If you have church colors or colors associated with your affiliated church school, consider using them in your T-shirt to keep design elements consistent. Having your church colors represented can give community members instant association with your church when they see VBS participants walking around the town.

Designate different camps

If you have multiple camps represented in your church’s VBS program, you may want to consider different-colored shirts for each group. For example, pick bright orange tees for the preschool program so that leaders can keep get head counts from just a quick glance. Choose to garb teen and adult volunteers in uniquely colored shirts so that children know where to go for questions or problems. It also makes adults easily visible for parents when they come to pick kids up or need some other type of assistance.

Spread the word

Custom VBS T-shirts give you the opportunity to spread the word about your VBS program and your church. Because you’re in charge of the information that goes onto these tees, you can use them as a way to advertise your church’s presence and involvement in positive children’s activities.

Include church information

Adding your church’s name is a no-brainer for designing your VBS T-shirt. Your church name gives community members an idea of the types of activities that your church provides. Adding your full church name differentiates your VBS program from the other churches in you area that have the same or similar names.

Add a Bible verse

If you’ve got the room and a theme verse that you want the kids to commit to memory, adding a Bible verse to your VBS tees is a great idea. Good verses include theme verses for your program, or simply ones that are great to have on the mind like John 3:16. Place a Bible verse across the back of each tee so that children are reminded of their memory verses as they spend time with one another. Use different-colored T-shirts for the leaders to wear with different verses throughout the week.

Keep the memory fresh for family and friends

Even after vacation Bible school week ends, your VBS tees remind children and their family members or friends of the awesome week that they had hanging out at your VBS program. Many children will wear their VBS tees long after the week passes, which keeps your church information fresh in the mind of those who see it. If you’re using your VBS program as a primarily evangelistic event, this can be a good way to kindly remind family members of children who attended that your church is a family-friendly haven that they should check out again. At the very least, the tees have a positive influence even when they’re worn beyond the VBS week itself.

Use tees as incentives

You can use tees as incentives for leaders and children alike. Depending on your budget or setup, you may only have a limited number of tees up for grabs, so making them a hot commodity can encourage children and leaders to be active participants in the program to get a shirt for themselves.

Team leaders

If you have a dress code for your leaders or anticipate that some games might get a little messy, providing them with VBS tees in advance might help cut down on the resistance that your leaders might have for participating with these events. Give leaders tees to help them remember to wear clothing that they don’t mind getting a little dirty throughout the course of the week.

Giveaway prizes

If you have a round-up event at the end of each day of VBS or a big bash at the end of the week, you can use custom tees as prizes for giveaways. For example, if a student memorizes five verses and participates in certain activities, they might qualify for a shirt. Toss them to audience members at a fun family-friendly concert event to wrap up the week.

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