Do you love the smell of infield dirt in the morning? Do you relish the glow of dew on the grass in the early morning as you prep for practice? Do you look forward to spring thaws so you can hit get back to your outdoor sports? If you or your kids participate in some kind of recreational sport, January represents the time of year you start thinking about spring sports. Once the weather turns warmer in March or April, it’s time to get out your ball glove, tennis racket or running shoes to prepare for the spring ritual of competitive sports. There’s another way to get ready for the first practice of the season, and that’s designing custom sports tees for your team.

Spring Sports Palooza

You have several options for spring sports, including softball, baseball, golf, tennis, track and field, and swimming. Even though some of these sports aren’t necessarily team events, you can still create custom tees for these sports. Spring sports occur with schools, local rec leagues, YMCA facilities, church leagues and private country clubs.

Winter is the Time 

Winter months are the perfect time to create custom tees for your team simply because you want them ready for the very first team meeting. You start registering team members in January or February, and then you clear your calendar to hold practices. As you gather names of people on your team, transfer some of that information into the orders for your custom tees. Amid the names, heights and birthdays of your players, remember to ask for T-shirt sizes!

Designing the Look

Several elements go into the look of your spring sports custom sports tees. This requires some information before placing an order.

Team Data

The team name goes on the front along with the team logo. If you know a good graphic designer, either a teammate or a parent, have that person create a unique team logo. Maybe the team had a logo from last season. This design definitely goes on the front next to the team name.

Player Info

Don’t forget to customize each shirt with the player’s name and jersey number on the back. If anyone has a special nickname, that’s where this goes. Otherwise, last names are the standard for players and coaches.


The colors of the shirts should complement your logo. The simplest ones involve a monochromatic T-shirt with one color for the text. If you have a dark-colored shirt, go with white or yellow text. For a lighter shirt, black or navy blue text remains appropriate.

Less Can Be More

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two colors. Custom tees or jerseys offer a chance to get creative. It just depends on how much time and effort you want to spend creating a team look. Take into account hues, complementary colors and supplementary colors on the color wheel. Keep in mind, too, that the fancier you make your T-shirts and jerseys, the more expensive your printing costs become.

Economics and Logistics of Custom Tees

Custom T-shirts are the easiest to design, and they are the least expensive simply because T-shirts are the most common type of apparel. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just T-shirts.


Long-sleeve warm-up shirts or jackets are also an option if your season starts with a chill in the air. Sweat pants, sweatshirts and hoodies come into play in cold weather. For long-sleeve shirts, consider billboard jerseys that have text across the back shoulders and on the sleeves. You might order customized bags so everyone has a place to store their gear and warm-ups during game time.

Special Jerseys

For baseball and softball shirts, formal uniforms are button-up shirts made of heavier materials than ordinary T-shirts. Keep in mind these are more expensive, but you want rugged uniforms that last an entire season. Players and parents may want more than one uniform to alleviate laundry concerns, and you might need home and away jerseys depending on the sport.

Additional Shirts

Don’t forget to involve the team’s fans in the bleachers. Family members and friends of players want to show off their team spirit by rooting for their favorite player. Just like fans who wear player jerseys of professional sports teams, create some team spirit with friends and family who sit in the stands.

Order in Advance

Take care of the ordering process before the first meeting of the year. This lets everyone have their uniforms before the season starts, and it gets the overall order started as soon as possible so the team has uniforms in time for its first game. The sooner you start the ordering process, the sooner you get the money to place the order. Delineate a portion of the team sign-up form for additional shirts and their prices so everyone knows what to expect.

Custom tees and team uniforms foster team unity and team spirit, whether you watch your team from the stands, in the dugout or from the side of the pool. Custom tees represent a fantastic way to unify your team from the first meeting through your league championship game or meet.

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