TakeHold Printing wants to help you design your custom t-shirt now! We are a local screen printer located right outside of Nashville who specializes in custom t-shirt designs and design ideas. We recently just launched our design lab and want you to know some key features that will help with your future purchase.

One new feature the design lab offers is the ability to upload artwork directly to the shirt. From here you can pick color options, such as taking out or adding color, zooming to view direct placement of image, and front and back images of shirt. This will help minimize error and allow you to see the image before it is printed.

The second feature that we want you to know about is the creative aspect of our lab. Are you fresh out of ideas and need that spark? We have built in ideas to help you narrow down what you want to print on the shirts. Maybe you need something campus or college related but don’t have time to sit down and create an image. Perfect! Let our designs lab do all the work for you by implementing our generated clip art onto the shirt. It is easy, efficient, and stress free!

Lastly, the third feature that we want you to be aware of is actually not a feature at all but we are available for artwork help when you need us. We try to work alongside our customers telling them exactly what they need for artwork and helping them with any technical that may arise. For printing purposes we ask that we receive an .ai file or at least 300-350 dpi high resolution image. This will ensure that the when the artwork is printed there is minimal issues with the image becoming distorted or pixelated.

We hope that you will take advantage of our new design studio. We also hope that by adding this element to our website that it will help our customers with their custom t-shirts and printing needs. If you need more information regarding artwork or need pricing information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 615.943.1402 or email us directly at info@takeholdprinting.com