Are you ready for the summer camp season? Campers and staffers love getting awesome t-shirts to commemorate their experience. And now is the time to plan for your unforgettable summer camp t-shirts. Our team can help you to develop a t-shirt design to wow your campers and build memories that will last for the rest of their lives. Let’s get started on making your summer camp t-shirts special!

Slogans to Inspire Memories From a Special T-Shirt

One of the best parts of creating t-shirts for summer camps is coming up with fun designs and slogans.

Define a Mission

These slogans can be a spin on the camp’s mission, the theme of the year or even specific activities done at the camp. A good slogan can really make or break a summer camp t-shirt.

Fabrics That Work With Your Design

Summer camps are often full of fun activities like swimming, hiking and games. Plus, lots of hot weather! That is why it is important to choose a material that is appropriate for the climate.

Breathable and Comfortable

We recommend using 100% cotton t-shirts when making your design. The fabric is breathable in any climate and type of weather, and can stand damp conditions. The material is also very easy to work with when adding artwork. Another option is moisture wicking, polyester shirts. Moisture-wicking polyester and poly blends are durable and excellent for fitness activities keeping your campers cool in hot weather. Polyester fabric shirts do have some limitations so it is important to discuss your design with us to make sure it will work. Let us help you create a custom masterpiece and choose the right fabric.

Choosing the Right Colors

The best colors for summer camp t-shirts are bright ones that stand out and memorable. Most campers do not have a bright color t-shirts in their closets so they are likely to keep and wear their summer camp shirt year round.

Be Seen

Vibrant colors are also helpful as campers participate in activities in or near the water and wooded areas. It makes them easy to identify as they are walking alone or in groups.

Color and Design That Pops

Another consideration for designing t-shirts for summer camps is ensuring that the color of the shirt and design match. For example, if you use a bright blue t-shirt, it is unlikely you will want to use blue font and art.

Test It Out

Make sure you add a test layer on your art so you have a good feel for what your text and image will like look on the final design.

Building Friendships through Unique Tees

A fun activity you can do with camp t-shirts is to help pals commemorate their time together. You can leave space for a wearable memory book so campers can write their summer camp memories, messages and well wishes with one another using fabric markers.


You can also get them involved with a space for painted hand prints – it is certainly a design that they will never forget!

Letting Campers Design Tees

Want to engage campers? Ahead of their camp experience, invite them to participate in a t-shirt design contest.

What About a Fundraiser?

Send them sheets with instructions ahead of camp to return. Upload the images to a website or social media page, and let campers and their families vote on the t-shirt design they like the most. This could also be a fundraising opportunity for campers!

Giving Away Tee Shirts for Camp Events

One of the best things a summer camp can do is to share t-shirts with its campers and counselors to commemorate their experience.

Highlight Certain Activities

You can also get extra shirts specific to activities to highlight special events such as the fishing club, gaming crew and hiking team!

Cost Savings

An ideal way to save on costs when purchasing camp t-shirts is to buy a bulk order of shirts. You can also wait to print until you are ready so you don’t use more than you need.

Get a Quote 

Whether you have a small order of a dozen or a very large order of 1,000, we have a price quote system that can help you find the best option and price for your order.

Let’s Enjoy Summer

Summer camp is a time of learning, bonding and gaining new skills to bring back to the day-to-day. It should be a memorable experience and so should the attire each camper wears.

Promotional Memories

Choose a shirt and design that your campers will love year-round and they’ll promote your camp wherever they go.

We hope this guide helped you in your quest to design the best summer camp t-shirt. We want you to be satisfied with the end result.

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