Are you in the market for a custom t-shirt or possibly wondering how you can design your own t-shirt? Great, then this blog is exactly for you! At TakeHold Printing we appreciate systems, especially ones that are geared towards maximum efficiency for ourselves and more importantly our customers; therefore, we have created a portion of our website to help you bring your vision of a t-shirt alive!

Here are three options to chose from from when you are needing to create a shirt:

The first option is geared towards the customer who knows precisely what they need their shirt to say and where the placement of text or logo needs to go. This customer can simply click on the “Design Studio” tab and upload their image onto our model. This will generate an exact replica of what your shirt will look like and in a matter of moments you have just created your t-shirt. Now you are ready to proceed to checkout!

The second option that we offer our customers is geared towards someone who knows they need a custom made shirt but may need help generating an idea. For example, lets say that you love Christmas and wanted to print a shirt with something related but can’t quite narrow down an idea. You are in luck because we have an easy tool built in to make this process easier and less time consuming for you. Again, simply click on our “Design Studio” tab then click on “Clip Art” tab from the menu. From here you will send multiple tabs pop up with generic ideas that will help you pick a specific image. Once that image has been selected you now have the option to manipulate color, size, and placement of the image.

The third option that we offer our customers is a custom made piece that we will design for you. Lets say that you do not have an idea of what image you want and the clipart that we have provided does not match your vision, no problem! Simply call us at 615.943.1402 or send us an email ( to speak with someone regarding the ideas you have and we will help create a custom creation specifically tailored towards your preference. From here we will design the image and send you a visual mock-up of your shirt!

This new design tool not only allows for immediate visual representation of your custom made shirt but it allows you the freedom to create this on your own time. We hope to save you time and energy and make the process of creating t-shirt easy as 1,2,3!