July 2, 2021

Direct To Garment Printing – Vibrant Colors, Print as Many as You Want!


While the fashion scene continues to evolve each day with newer and distinct trends, there is one set of attires that has not lost its charm over the years – printed clothing!
From tees to totes, printed items delight us with their attractive graphics and comfortable vibes.
Unfortunately, with an array of printing materials, colors, and production processes, the right decision can seem confusing.
Enter: DTG Printing Process

A fairly new technology in the world of printing, Direct-To-Garment printing is the new way to print and is currently only offered by a handful of printers.
Here’s how it’s done:
Step 1: A design is created and sent to the DTG garment machine to be converted in a machine-readable format.
Step 2: A pretreating machine preps the fabric for the process.
Step 3: The heat press dries the fabric at a high temperature for 20-30 seconds.
Step 4: The fabric is fixed onto the DTG platen and with a click of a button, readied for printing.
Step 5: The printer works its magic, and the printed apparel is ready. It is dried and sold.
Easy, quick, and updated with the latest trends, the print is durable and aesthetic.
DTG Printing: The Best Choice In Printing?

Prepared with cutting edge tech and exuding a distinct, comfortable finish, DTG printing has become the go-to for printed apparel enthusiasts.
Here’s what makes this printing, the best:
Unlimited Colors!
DTG can print uncountable colors on your shirt. In a single pass, you can get 16 billion colors. This specific feature makes it distinguishable from others.

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