Why you shouldn’t use bella and canvas!
We work with many different t-shirt brands. Customers often ask us to help them select the best brand for their particular need when it comes to custom printed t-shirts. We love helping because that is what we do best. Out of all the brands we show, one brand customers often pick will be Bella and Canvas.

Customers simply love them! If you ever have the chance to run your hand over one you know why they are so easy to love.

Next time you select a t-shirt brand for screen printing, consider Bella and Canvas!
One concern customers may have when considering Bella and Canvas is the price. The reason is, quality costs more. The Bella and Canvas brand is top quality all the way and their pricing is simply reflecting that fact. However, If you need hundreds of t-shirts printed, then Bella and Canvas may not be the brand that fits best within your budget. In this case, we will be happy to show you other brands such as Gildan, Next Level, Tultex, and many others. We are experts in helping you get the biggest bang for the t-shirt buck.