January 22, 2021

Get Custom Screen Printing For Your School!

Does the idea of a dull-colored shirt, tie, and blazer take you back to when uniforms looked anything but cool?
Do you hate it when the paint peels off of your t-shirts within one wash?
Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!
Custom screen printing not only makes uniforms cool but also ensures they easily last your school year.
Why Invest In Uniforms?
School apparel, sports team gear, and t-shirts for events are all a very essential part of a child’s schooling experience.
Uniforms build a strong sense of integrity, unity, and belonging in students; nobody is superior or inferior to anyone.
Moreover, uniforms bring a touch of class and discipline to a school. Everyone may be wearing the same clothes, but they all look smart in them!
Even when it comes to sports teams, attractive and colorful gear builds team morale and helps the team gain popularity amongst the audience.
The New Age of Screen Printing
We may think of them as ‘formal wear’, but school uniforms are worn each day and tested to their limits. Plus, when it comes to sports gear, the clothing must be comfortable and durable.
With custom screen printing, you can wash them again and again, and never worry about losing their color or design.
If they are made trendy along the way, it only adds to the fun!
New Year, New Style
To breathe new life into your school apparel, let go of common boutique clothing and run-of-the-mill apparel brands. Switch to something with a bit of personality instead.
Order custom screen printed uniforms, or make your school stand out by starting your own clothing line for your institute's sports teams – the opportunities are unlimited!
TakeHold Printing Is The One You Need
Get your sketchbooks out and bring over your designs to our shop, and we will make your design a trendy, colorful reality.
With our latest customized embroidery and school apparel styles to choose from, Takehold Printing has got your back!
Located in Hendersonville, TN, and only a few miles away from Nashville, TakeHold Printing is a one-stop-shop for all your custom screen printing needs.
Welcome students into the new school year with stylish, transformed uniforms!

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