We strive to give the best price around. We know there are so many reasons for chossing the a screen printer. We make sure to keep the printing quilty to the highest standards. We work with you to make sure your getting the best shrit for what your needing. All this while keeping the price very affordable.

We dont think you should have to pay more for less. or pay less and get less. We set our prices to a very competive. All this wile keeping all customer serives to the best around.


How do we price our work?

You may be wanting a quote to see what getting your shrits will cost. First it starts off with picking the correct garment type. Then picking the right shirt. We now take what your desing looks like and seeing how many colors there are to print. Now how many garments are you needing? All this helps knowing what the cost should be. A one color on 100 white shirs will be less then 3 colors on 100 black shirts.

What does your desing look like?

Not sure? let us help you with coming up with a design.