Whether you own one cat, several cats or you simply wish you had a cat, if you are a cat lover, having a custom-designed cat t-shirt is one great way to show your love of your cat or of cats in general. As a cat lover, you have several options for your cheap custom tees.

Support a Cause

If you love cats, you likely also feel strongly about protecting and supporting cats. One of the best ways you can show your support for cat causes is to get custom-designed t-shirts that expresses your support for the cause.

No-Kill Shelters

As a cat lover, you likely believe that every cat should have an opportunity at a good loving home. If there is a no-kill shelter near your home, your custom-made t-shirts can act as advertisement for that shelter. If there is not a no-kill shelter near your home, your t-shirts can demonstrate support for building one or outrage at not having one. To encourage people to adopt animals from the shelter, you may even want to include a telephone number and address on your t-shirts.

Spay and Neutering

Unfortunately, there are more cats than there are homes for them. This results in many homeless cats. To help increase awareness of this problem and to encourage other cat owners to have their cats spayed or neutered create, custom-designed tees demonstrating your support for spaying and neutering.

Cat Competitions

You can also create custom-designed cat shirts to raise money for cat competitions, such as a feline agility competition. If your cat is participating in a cat competition, get special shirts designed for you, your family and your friends to show support for your cat as well as to show support for the competition in general. Everyone can wear their shirts to the competition. If you are organizing a cat competition, you could also sell or give away shirts at the competition. If you sell the shirts, the money you raise could go to a cat cause, such as to help keep your local no-kill shelter running.

Special Cat

Some people have a special cat in their lives that they want to honor. A customized tee is a great way to do this.

Cat Memorial

Perhaps your feline friend has passed on, and you want to honor your beloved pet by getting a tee with your cat’s face on it. You could do one large photo of your cat, or you could do several smaller pictures. Your pet was likely loved by many people, so you can give cat memorial tees to other family members and friends who also miss your feline friend.

Current Pet

If you are a proud cat parent, you likely love to show others pictures of your cat. Instead of pulling those pictures out of your wallet, get the picture or pictures on your shirt. If you have multiple cats, get a shirt with a picture of all your cats, or dedicate one shirt to a picture or pictures of each cat.

Cat in Need of Home

Even if you love cats, you likely cannot keep every stray. As you find a stray cat that you temporarily welcome into your home or that a friend cares for temporarily, you can create custom t-shirts to let others know about the cat who needs a home. Wear your own shirt, and give the tee out to other cat lovers, encouraging them to also support getting the cat a permanent home.

Funny Tees

Cats can be funny animals, and t-shirts are a great place to share this humor with others.

Puns and Jokes

There are many opportunities for puns or jokes involving cats. Come up with your own puns and jokes, or borrow them from other people. These puns or jokes can be inspired by a picture of your cat or another cat, or you can get your pun or joke inspiration somewhere else.

Funny Pictures

Sometimes no words are necessary to create a funny cat tee. For example, while captions sometimes accompany the pictures, much of the Grumpy Cat phenomenon is simply based upon pictures of the cat’s grumpy-looking facial expression.

Cartoon Cats

Many cat lovers also have a favorite cartoon cat. It is important to be careful about copyright infringement when it comes to putting your favorite cartoon cat on a t-shirt. If you are using it for your own purposes, such as just for you and your family members, you may be covered under fair use law, but you cannot sell shirts with copyrighted cartoon cats on them.

Be Creative

Of course, these are just a few of the ideas for custom-designed tees for cat lover. We encourage you to come up with your own ideas for showing your love for cats on your t-shirt. Takehold Printing can help make your vision become a realty on cheap custom tees you are sure to treasure!

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