Are you looking for custom screen printed fraternity or sorority t-shirts and live in the Nashville? The Nashville area has multiple colleges, many of which have a very large populous of Greek communities. We want your help to break through to these communities so that we can share the news about our company!

 3 Ways to help us reach the Greek!

 1. Sign up for our newsletter: Each week we send out a newsletter that details weekly specials that you want to take advantage of! Typically, most customers, including sororities and fraternities, print a one color front and back and generally these specials are exactly that! Signing up for our newsletter is quick and easy and it will save you an immense amount of money on your next custom t-shirt order!

2. Take advantage of our weekly specials: We want you to take advantage of our special that we offer on a week to week basis. Every Monday we send out a newsletter that lets you know what deal we are offering for the week, in hopes that you will take take advantage of our savings!

3. Tell your friends: The most important way that you can help us reach these college communities is by word of mouth! We want our customers to not only be 100% satisfied but we want them to tell their friends, family, and anyone who will listen!

It is important to us that we spread the word about our business and what we can offer Greek communities! Not only do we promote weekly specials, but we are local to the Nashville area and offer fast turnaround times. If you are interested in having a custom greek t-shirt printed, then give us a call at 615.943.1402 or email us directly at Let us know how we can serve you and your sorority and fraternity!